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MASSIVE NEWS: Newt Gingrich Drops NUCLEAR BOMBSHELL About Trump Scandal on Fox News



Newt Gingrich is hated by the left. He is hated by a lot on the right. This doesn’t change the fact that he likes to operate on facts nd not feelings. The MSM is an enemy of Newt and he called them out. He used more stats to back him up.

Newt Gingrich has something special for you! You really have to see this! He stepped out live on Lou Dobbs and he told the truth. It seems that after Trey Gowdy and Devid Nunes, many others are in the list of exposing the crooked liberals.

The state exists, that’s a fact. Newt Gingrich exposed that in the best way possible and he was right- you all have the right to know the truth. Hillary Clinton was supported by the ex-Government and Obama’s leftovers spied on Trump.

It’s everything so simple. I just still can not believe my eyes why the mainstream media ignores everything. This is huge, this is even larger than WATERGATE. Donald Trump deserves better both from the Dems and the Republicans.

Look what Newt Gingrich said:

They’re deliberately trying to sabotage the Trump administration, something which is going on today,” Gingrich said. “Remember, 97% of donations given by Justice Department employees went to Hillary Clinton. Ninety-Seven percent. So who do you think their bias is in favor of? I think it’s just an objective reality that you have a Deep State, that that Deep State is permanent, long term, career bureaucrats, and they will do almost anything, including breaking the law, to try to undermine the Trump administration.”

Well, this is really nasty, but expected from the liberal elites. Donald Trump is not going to give in, you can bet on that. Most important now is to protect and stand beside our President, because this is going to be a really, really hard battle between HIM and the DEEP STATE.

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Listen to Gingrich. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s been around these liberal degenerates for a long time. He knows what they do and how they operated. He will serve our president and us as the American people.

  • roger says:

    Does it ever occur to these morons that the support for Hilary Clinton was not only for her since is and was the superior candidate on any level one would choose to review but that Donald Trump and his cadre of rookies still cannot get anything done. Talk about campaigning to get votes and abandoning your base … Hello Donald.

  • CF