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A “conservative squad” formed to take on Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad,” and the four spoke on “Fox & Friends” Thursday about their fight.

The newest squad for conservatives includes congressional candidates Jessica Taylor of Alabama, Michelle Fischbach of Minnesota, Nancy Mace of South Carolina and Beth Van Duyne of Texas.

All four are running for congressional seats in 2020 and hit back at Democratic socialists.

“We are losing the younger generation of this country,” Taylor said. In her first campaign advertisement when announcing a run for Congress in October, Taylor promised to form a squad to represent Republicans.

“This is about bringing the conservative message to the people of the United States,” Fischbach said Thursday. “So the people understand that we’re looking at do-nothing Democrats. They are obsessing about impeachment and not really doing anything for the people of the United States anymore.”


Mace added that Democrats “have taken a sharp left turn under the influence of the socialist squad.” After mentioning her background working her way up from a waitress at Waffle House to a congressional candidate, Mace noted that for her, the fight is about combatting socialism for her family and the country.

“And you look at us, this is socialism versus American values of freedom and job creation,” Mace said. “And we all understand up here today that people flourish under freedom. … Enough is enough. My kids and country are worth fighting for. And that’s what this is about, essentially.”

Van Duyne echoed Mace’s commentary, saying America has a “Congress that’s run by extremists.” She noted that people are “sick” of the inaction.

“They [Democrats] are not doing anything,” Van Duyne said. “And I think people are sick of seeing that. They really want to see people who are going to go to Congress and do what they say they are going to do, which is the meat and potatoes of getting things done for Americans.”

The conservative squad has even formed a website for their cause.

“This is not your grandfather’s GOP anymore,” Mace added.

  • ttd says:

    Time after time I have commented about how you must have to be one ugly skank to be a female dem/lib. Just look at them for the most part. The ones elected in office, how can a voter even stand to look at them let alone vote for them. But the moron dem/libs do election after election. Now look at what you see on the Republican side as the picture above shows. Or just compare the women on CNN vs the women of FOX. YIKES!

  • Oh no says:

    Yeah republican women have it in the bag and Libral woman are trash bags Funny how apparent that is. Hmmm Hideous Hilary, Nasty Nancy, Teabag Tilab, Donkeycasio Cuntez, Maxi Pad Waters, Joy Beasthar, Whoppie Goldturd, Rosie O’Dunghole, Alyssa Swillano, Assley Scud, Miley Virus, the list goes on. Puke.

  • D says:

    This is fantastic. Very heartening. They must continue to articulate the PRINCIPLES of Individualism and Freedom… how limited government is absolutely essential to human freedom – and how socialism has murdered hundreds of millions in its false quest for “equality.”

  • mike dar says:

    A website solves nothing.. door to door canvasing is a immerse help. The real question is what the State and National RNC will do to finance and support those Conservative women…. or will the Rep RNC simply spend most of donations on existing leadership positions while ignoring the creeping cockroaches of socialism sneaking into the deep blue districts where old school Dems are being primaried like done with AOC who only needed 6% of the registered voters in her district to get into Congress, get a one million dollar book deal from S0r0s, a ten million dollar from Obama/Susan Rice/Netflix to become the richest congressperson in the least amount of time in our Nation’s History?
    Sor0s plans on 80 more nitwits like AOC in the 2020 Dem primaries…. just what is the RNC plan? 4 Women with a website?? Soros is funding nitwits @ a million dollars apiece!

    • Annabel says:

      Yes, Soros who lied on his U.S. citizenship application and should be deported as was Jakiw Palij for the very same reason…”we lied on our applications re: Nazi affiliation otherwise we would not have been accepted!” DEPORT SOROS!

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Hooray, works both ways see Dems, make=

  • Evangeline King says:

    That’s wonderful! Go girls!

  • Carl says:

    I hope all 4 win, but you must remember AOC district is majority of minorities which will be difficult to win. The mentality of minorities don’t deal with facts as long as one of theirs is running to them that’s all that counts.

  • CF