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Anti-Trump women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe announced Friday she’s endorsing Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president.

Rapinoe announced the news on Twitter, posting a painfully forced video that showed her getting a phone call from the senator.

“I just wanted to call and say thank you, we need you in this battle,” Warren, who’s in a moving car, tells Rapinoe, who appears to be standing in the middle of an airport.

“Oh my gosh, of course,” Rapinoe responds.

“I just think it’s amazing,” she added, referring to Warren’s campaign. “It’s big, it’s bold. I just don’t think we can get to a better place by walking this moderate line.”

The U.S. Women’s National Team star and the presidential candidate then spent some time agreeing with each other on the need for various kinds of “equity.”

“You have shown such great leadership this year,” Warren told Rapinoe.

Rapinoe became a controversial figure when she opted to emulate former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest. Kaepernick said he knelt during the anthem to protests racial injustice.

She would go on to be one of the stars of the women’s national team that won the World Cup.

Earlier this week, she was named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated.

“She is just the fourth woman in the award’s 66-year history to win it unaccompanied, a feat that is both a remarkable athletic achievement and a reflection of entrenched gender biases,” Sports Illustrated wrote in its lengthy celebration of Rapinoe’s life.

“Rapinoe challenged perceptions of her, of female athletes, of all women. She led her teammates, three months before their tentpole tournament, to sue the U.S. Soccer Federation for equal pay; to declare in advance that they would not visit the White House when they won the Cup,” the outlet added.

In a profane rant that circulated before the World Cup win, Rapinoe said she would not go to the “f—ing White House” afterward, which prompted a tweet from President Donald Trump advising Rapinoe to play the game first.

“What a remarkable week for you,” Warren said in the video.

While Warren seemed to be trying to make it look like she called Rapinoe unannounced, it’s hard to believe that was actually the case.

After all, Rapinoe had a camera focused on her in the middle of the airport, suggesting the video was staged.

“Megan is a champion of justice on and off the field and a role model for women and girls everywhere,” Warren said in a statement to Vox. “I am honored to have her endorsement, and look forward to fighting alongside her for big, structural change.”

Also this week, Rapinoe told WBUR-FM she liked the idea of a ticket consisting of California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris, who dropped out of the presidential race last week, and Warren.

“I think a Warren-Harris ticket would be fire. Talk about two super smart, sharp women who don’t back down to anyone,” she said.

  • Gleimhart Mantooso says:

    At the end of the video, this irrelevant soccer chick sticks her tongue out at Warren. I wonder if that is how lesbian’s flirt.

  • Oh no says:

    Ugly pink hair and a foul abrasive personality gives you so much credibility!!! Maybe she can be Warrens running mate. Pocahontas and Sitting Bulldyke

  • DJ says:

    They should go up against a team off trans-gender women that are really men. That should shut here up.

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