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LOOK: Megyn Kelly SHOCKS Fans With Massive Announcement



Back in January, Megyn Kelly shocked her fans by abruptly leaving Fox News to sign a deal with NBC News. Since then, she has been forced to stay out of the public eye, as she was still bound by her Fox contract.

Now, however, it appears Kelly is free to do as she pleases.

Variety reported that a source said that Kelly is now free from her contract with Fox and can appear on NBC whenever she pleases. This came as a big surprise, as her contract was not set to expire until July. However, the source said Kelly finally finalized her separation from Fox this week, allowing her to break the contract.

Kelly is expected to be given a new morning program slated to air at either 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. that will take up an hour previously allocated to NBC’s flagship “Today” program. Kelly’s show will not be affiliated with the “Today” franchise.


Kelly will have her work cut out for her at her new network, as many of her conservative fans feel betrayed by both her abandonment of Fox and her anti-Trump stances. Meanwhile, liberals will always look at her with disdain due to her past at Fox News. This leaves it up in the air as to who will actually tune in to Kelly’s new show…

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  • Colleen McKnight says:

    I stopped watching her long ago when she was fighting against Trump, but would have anyway as she is so obviously evil in so many ways….would never watch her regardless of where she hangs her hat.

  • Ramm Rameka says:

    Shes a funny clown to watch

  • joyce stanley says:

    I can’t stand her I will not be watching anything she is on. She is a nasty person that has shown she can’t be trusted. Why would NBC want her on anything? I’am really glad though to learn she won’t be on the Today Show

  • Roger Moore says:

    Well Megyn….you always seemed to talk too fast….and why too often tried to draw out an opposite view when talking and then too anxious to override their coments…you seemed to forget you were on Fox and should slant the republican way….
    By going to nbc…you will probably feel more convertible slanting toward the democrats…
    You obviously never got over Trump…now you can give him hell on NBC…
    The real question is…do you plan payback time???
    Well you have sooooo many big bucks…you can afford to do it all
    YOUR way….have fun!!!

  • Helen Moccia says:

    She speaks from sides of her mouth! You could slowly start to see it during the presidential campaign . FOX is too good for her. Let her go to NBC, better yet she deserves CNN.

  • Leekelvin says:

    It’s always easy to criticism. There’s always an idiot born every second. !!!

  • CF