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Meryl Streep Spotted Wearing Handbag With Obama Print



Part of the liberals apparently are affected with another new disorder that doesn’t have a name yet, but the proper name would be Barack Syndrome.

And it seems like this syndrome isn’t rare, as the Hollywood actress Meryl Streep manifest it herself, through the unexplained obsession with former President Barack Obama.

When left her trailer in New York City this week on the set of the upcoming Steven Spielberg film, “The Papers,” the actress wore a handbag with a photo of Obama and his wife, Michelle.

And apparently, Streep isn’t the only one that is infected with Barak Obama Syndrome, New York Daily News reported. This kind of “fanbags” is available on eBay, Poshmark and Etsy, and as reported are bought by sick liberals.

This syndrome makes pretty big damages on the mental state, as proven with Streep who is displaying symptoms since 2009 when she supported newly elected president who she never met.

As Vanity Fair reported she stated to a reporter “I love him.” “I think he’s fantastic. I haven’t met him … but I think he’s fantastic.”

She honors Obama for being “a thoughtful person” who “admits” and “welcomes” dissent. This only proves that she has never met him because ex- president was known that hates opposing viewpoints and he considered himself to be above anyone else.

It’s very tragic, but not surprising that the actress was supported by other sick liberals on social media.

And remember that this syndrome means serious mental illness and if you feel some symptoms, please don’t be afraid to seek help.

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  • geri says:

    I thought that was her trash bag she was carrying off the plane.

  • Jan says:

    The entertainment industry has totally forgotten about middle America. We are the ones who go to their over priced concerts and movies. We are the backbone of industry,food,banking,retail,etc. Ya’ll have earned your money and have plenty of it, but for the 9 to 5 Americans we earn our money also and live paycheck to paycheck. If you don’t like a situation you can jet out of there (George Clooney) and we are left to deal with real life situations. Bottom line is that Hollywood and La La Land is out of touch with the backbone of America and that is why we support TRUMP

  • Sandra Barwick says:


  • Amelia York says:

    I use to think Merle was ok, but she truly lleaves a lot to be desired anymore, senility setting in I guess..been acting, and pretending too long I guess

  • just mad says:

    What planet did she live on. Oh wait she lived in her movies. Not reality. Or, is this a way of maybe finally getting to meet her “idol”. Wait, I think I want to puke.

  • CF