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What Michelle Obama Just Said Will Make You FURIOUS



On President Donald Trump’s inauguration day, millions of Americans picked up on the fact that Michelle Obama was not happy to be there. In fact, she appeared to be glaring at the president and First Lady Melania Trump throughout most of the ceremony. Now, she is finally addressing the situation.

According to Michelle, she looked ‘angry’ because she was attempting to hide her true emotions about moving out of the White House.

“I didn’t want to have tears in my eyes because people would swear I was crying because of the new president,” she told the American Institute of Architects at a recent convention in Orlando.

Michelle went on to complain that leaving the White House had been very emotional for her entire family.

“Leaving is just as quick as coming,” she continued. “I’ve lived in the White House for longer than I’ve lived in any house that we’ve had, other than my childhood home. You go from seeing people every day and hearing about their lives and giving them hugs and joking with them, and then you never see them again. They’re on to the next family.”

We’re not exactly sympathetic, especially since Michelle complained about living in the White House the entire time she was in it.

  • We are simply sick of this whining bitch. She wasn’t happy anywhere or with her marriage it is so obvious by just watching her. She needs to get over herself and accept the fact no one cares. Please just go away so yesterday’s news.

  • marolyn says:

    Early on she said she hated living in the White house cause it was built by slaves !!!! now she did not want to leave??

  • Btenfa says:

    You need to go hide and take your husband with you

  • Catherine McCaffrey says:

    So sad! Michelle, you think that you can say any stupid thing and have the American people believe you. Please just disappear. Do you really think that with your background and your husband’s background you could live a public life and not eventually outed? Your problem is that the two of you think that you are smarter than the American people. Pitiful!

  • Sharon says:

    You lieing P.O.S.You just thought the White House was a play ground to bring your trashy friends to. The people couldn’t wait for you and that p.o.s of a man you call husband to get out of the White House.

  • CF