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County officials in New Jersey tallied more than 1,600 uncounted ballots from the state’s July primary after finding them in a bin last Thursday.

The votes were reportedly placed in a “mislabeled” bin in a “secure area” of the county election office, according to the New Jersey Herald. Sussex County Board of Elections Administrator Marge McCabe maintained that the 1,666 extra votes did not change the outcome of the July 7 primary race. “The Board of Elections is confident that all ballots received have been processed and the security of all the ballots has remained in place,” she said.

The Trump campaign has been tussling in court with New Jersey since August over Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order requiring that every active registered voter be sent a mail-in ballot. As Politico reported, the campaign argued that Murphy’s executive order bypassed the state legislature’s authority and that it “violates the U.S. Constitution’s Electors and Elections Clauses as well as the 14th Amendment.”

“The Governor’s inconsistencies, coupled with the Order’s timing amid a nationwide push by the Democratic Party for the same measures, reveal that the Order is less about protecting the health of New Jerseyans and more about protecting the electoral prospects of the Governor’s political party,” the lawsuit said.

“As the president and his team try to delegitimize our election and impact the health and safety of millions of New Jerseyans, we will defend our rights vigorously, and we will not back down,” Murphy said in response. “So as they say, ‘Bring it on.’”

According to the New Jersey Division of Elections, almost 88% of the more than 1.4 million New Jerseyans who voted in the primary did so by mail, a sharp increase from 16.7% in 2019.

Of the 30,207 ballots cast in Sussex County, 92.9% were mail-in and 1% of them were rejected, the lowest number in the state, according to Spotlight NJ. Hudson County near New York City rejected the most at 7.2%. Almost 35,000 primary mail-in ballots were rejected in July for various reasons, the most common of which was that they were received too late. The next most common reason was listed as “Other (unspecified),” which was responsible for more than 23% of the rejected votes being tossed out.

As The Daily Wire reported, President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned about the potential dangers of mail-in voting, which he claims is rife with opportunity for foreign interference. “RIGGED 2020 ELECTION: MILLIONS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS WILL BE PRINTED BY FOREIGN COUNTRIES, AND OTHERS. IT WILL BE THE SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES!” he tweeted in June.

Attorney General William Barr echoed Trump during a July hearing on Capitol Hill, saying “common sense” would dictate that foreign entities would seek to interfere in U.S. elections through counterfeit mail-in voting.

According to an experiment CBS did in Philadelphia in July, “3% of voters were effectively disenfranchised by mail by giving their ballots a week to arrive. In a close election, 3% could be pivotal.”

  • I predict Biden’s people will sue everyone and their pet turtle to delay calling 2020 until they manage to destroy ballots for Trump and “find” Biden votes and “win.” Later, WHEN their fraud is found out, it will be “well, we’re in office, just shut up and obey” and then the shit really hits the fan!

  • flak says:

    all ballots should be processed at the receiving post office and sent directly to local edection ballots to be sent to sorting centers then back to local post offices

  • Gerald D Cline Jr says:

    So, how does vote-by-mail REALLY work? Washington State votes by mail. No polls.

    In 2004 Dino Rossi, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, WON the election by a comfortable margin. The Seattle Democrats went ballistic and DEMANDED a recount. What do you know…those Settle Democrats “found” a bunch of “misplaced/overlooked” votes for Christine Gregoire, the Democratic candidate that closed the gap. So, the Democrats DEMANDED another recount. And—surprise, surprise—the Seattle Democrats found even more “misplaced/overlooked” votes for Gregoire. Now Rossi and Gregoire were running neck to neck. You guessed it…the Democrats DEMANDED a third recount, and—surprise, surprise—found JUST ENOUGH VOTES TO OVERTURN THE ELECTION. WHAT A SURPRISE…?!?!?

    Of course, once they had overturned the election by a few votes the recounts STOPPED. What was remarkable about all those “misplaced/overlooked” votes is that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS FOR CHRISTINE GREGOIRE AND NOT A SINGLE VOTE WAS FOR DINO ROSSI…. What are the odds of THAT…?

    The Democrats used the mail-in system to manipulate the outcome of that election and STOLE it from the Republicans. The Seattle Democrats now control the Washington State election system. It is unlikely Washington will EVER have another Republican governor…. That is what the DNC wants to do with the national vote. Keep recounting until they win.

    I do not trust mail-in systems that the Democrats can manipulate. They tend to “find” votes “lost” in the system to their advantage, and steal elections.

  • WaveForm says:

    It’s time to take back this damn country from these lying, stealing and cheating bastard dems! Hanging them is to good for them! They are like a damn cockroach………they seem to never die out………

  • CF