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A judge sentenced Ohio mother Brittany Renee Pilkington to 37 years in prison after killing her three infant sons.

Pilkington, 27, reportedly killed the children because she feared they would grow up to abuse women.

According to the Daily Mail, Pilkington was impregnated by her mother’s 47-year-old boyfriend when she was just 17 years old. The two later married. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor sex charge in 2016, which stemmed from his relationship with Pilkington that took place when she was underage.

Pilkington pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and murder charges on Tuesday after she suffocated her three sons — ages 3 months to 4 years — in July 2014, April 2015 and August 2015, respectively, over a 13-month period.

She told authorities that she feared the boys would grow up and abuse women. Her lawyers insisted that she is brain damaged and had been abused, both physically and sexually, throughout her life. Kort Gatterdam, one of Pilkington’s attorneys, said that his client suffered from lead poisoning as a child. A doctor’s exam confirmed Pilkington’s brain damage.

“Sadly, she’s safer living a better life in jail than on the outside,” Gatterdam said. Tina McFall, another one of Pilkington’s attorneys, said that her client grieves for her children, whom she loves and misses “every day.”

Pilkington’s guilty plea took the death penalty off the table, according to the outlet.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost revealed that the court imposed two consecutive life sentences in connection to the murders, and added an additional seven years in prison for the involuntary manslaughter charge.

“A guilty plea cannot undo the heartless acts this woman committed against defenseless children,” Yost said according to CNN. “She does not deserve to be called mom. But locking her up will at least guarantee she won’t be able to repeat this evil.”

  • Ellen says:

    But yet it is perfectly OK to butcher babies before, during and after birth, on the grounds that they might grow up and have a difficult life.

  • Andrew Clarke says:

    This woman seems to have suffered, but I’m wondering if she’s also been influenced by female chauvinist and misandric propaganda. She’s apparently suffered from men, but there are plenty of men who suffer at the hands of women, starting with their own mothers in infancy. It’s a horrific and tragic case, but I’m glad she was not excused for it.

  • Mickey says:

    Only 37 years?? God help us!

  • Big Montana says:

    What we call murder, the dems just consider “late term abortion” don’t they. I’m sure there are plenty of demen “d” party sick-os out there who agree with this kind of heinous behavior.

  • Mike says:

    37 years? She should be hanged in public.

  • Bobby says:

    Mark my words, there will be one proud Father in the Security Guard population not too far down the road.

  • Linda says:

    37 years must be a typo right?? This evil murderer should have been nailed with 137 years and no early parole. Zero sympathy for defenseless children killers.

  • CF