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Mr. Trump Will You Speak Directly To Us, and Cut Out the Media, Please?



As far as I am concerned the modern day mainstream media is just the Paparazzi, with fancy names and dedicated cable channels! Donald Trump would do well to cut them out entirely. He has a way to do. He can do it with the modern day PRESS!

The Rules and Who made them.

The Media doesn’t get to make the rules. Our founding fathers made the rules over 200 years ago. Donald Trump used the rules and won the election fair and square!

They also made the rules about the press…

What is freedom of the press?

In the First Amendment, the freedom of the “press” was assured. What was the “press” when the First Amendment was ratified?

The press was a machine! A machine used to mass produce information.Today the “press” is the Internet, Broadcast Television, Cable Television, Satellite Television, Facebook, Google, your Smart Phone, and you get the idea.

The freedom of technology to share information was built into our Constitution. The press is not CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, or even Nation One News. The press is the technology used to mass produce information!

Organizations and businesses who exist to mass produce information are not the “Press” they have no more freedoms or rights than you or I do? In fact, they are businesses that should be regulated by the government!

Donald Trump should use the press and avoid favoring one group of businesses.

Donald Trump has a Facebook page, a Twitter Account, a YouTube Account, a website, and other ways to communicate with everyone in the country. He doesn’t have to rely on the Media to get his message out.

I hope he reads my Article and decides to use his own Press. Here is how I believe Donald Trump can cut out the Paparazzi and talk directly to the American people.

My question to Mr. Trump is this:

Mr. Trump, Sir, will you produce a 3-minute to 10-minute video each day highlighting your activities of the day?

Sir, would you please use your Social Media accounts, and website to inform us of rapidly developing situations when a daily summary is not appropriate?

Sir, would you please give no organization or business special access to you?

Finally Sir, would you hire a team of full-time photographers and videographers to chronicle the parts of your Presidency that are appropriate for the public,

instructing them to release at least one video and 5 images of you and Mr. Pence,

going about your business as our President and Vice President

every day of your Presidency,

and include a license that allows any United States Citizen or business owned by an American to use those images and Videos?

With the highest Respect and Sincerely Yours

Thomas Dillingham, Citizen

United States of America

Source: Nationonenews

  • Desi says:

    Please,I love to here from you directly, thanks my president.

  • Gail Currin says:

    Hmmm, I don’t think President Elect Trump uses the press, the press has decided they are the ones to report anything, anytime they want based on their own biases and interests. They misquote Trump and report him out of context all the time. Trump talks directly to us all the time through Face Book. However, it is not always clear who is actually talking. I would love to see more communications directly with the President and our Senators and Representatives. They work for us. Leave the press out. They will just mess it up as usual.

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