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Muslim Immigrants INVADE Farmer’s Fields, So WATCH What He Does Next



Muslim immigrants, many of them at least, have made no secret of the fact that they view themselves as entitled to the nations that are hosting them.

They routinely squat on privately-owned land or public property. But some people are getting fed up, like this farmer who one morning discovered dozens of refugees living in his fields!

Not only were they trespassing, these immigrants were destroying his livelihood.

So the farmer did the one thing that made sense to him.

Liberals will no doubt see this as heartless, but most of the world is cheering this farmer.

Lazarous Oulis, the Greek farmer in question, said:

“I need to plow my field. Not somebody else’s field, mine! I have a business with 70-80 calves. I want to produce, feed them, because, financially, I can’t take this anymore.”

Then came his BRUTAL response:

H/T Conservativepost

THAT will teach the refugees to squat on private land and try to take what is NOT theirs!

  • Josie Cordova says:

    If Obama had his way they’d be squatting all over private property in the U.S, too.

  • diana Olmstead says:

    For sure a tank of liquid manure,, just to make them smell better than they do !!!

  • Roberta Tate says:

    It’s about time these people stop taking what is not there S good going mr farmsr.

  • Michael H. Banker says:

    Personally, I would have plowed the tents under too. I salute the farmer for standing up for himself and reclaiming what is rightfully his.

  • CF