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Muslims Offer Rancher $2M To Build Mosque, He Gives BRILLIANT Counter-Offer



Our argument since we started this publication is that Muslims do not want to assimilate, they want to take over. If it is to be stopped, citizens need to fight back, and that is exactly what this man did.

John O’Leary turned down the amazing offer that was more than $200k over his asking price because he wants “Australia to remain in Australia.” Mr. O’Leary added, “We want Australia to remain westernised.”

The property in question is the Gainsborough Equestrian Centre in Golden Grove. John O’Leary had it listed for sale with an asking price of $1.79 million.

It is believed that the Muslim business man who made this offer had plans to construct a large community center on the site that would have been able to hold over 1,000 people. It would have been fully-equipped with a kitchen and prayer rooms.

O’Leary comes from a proud Australian family. His father was the personal horse escort for General Thomas Blamey, who was the commander in chief for the Australian Military during the second World War.

He has been living with his wife on the property for 22 years and it is located 25km from Adelaide.

Many wonderful family memories took place in the centre and attached home. It’s hard to sell family property to someone who would rip it all down.

The other aspect of O’Leary’s refusal is the growing presence of Muslims, who are refusing to assimilate, and troubling the country. O’Leary said, “We don’t want Muslims coming into this country. They don’t assimilate… and the fact they take over suburbs and won’t allow Australians in their own suburbs.”

It sounds as though Oceania is going the way of Europe. This problem is only growing around the globe, and our country is just as vulnerable as Australia. We need to do as O’Leary has done, and not give an inch.

As well as turning the offer down over issues with the Islamic faith, O’Leary says he also wants to keep the equestrian industry preserved in Southern Australia. O’Leary doesn’t want to see all of his hard work go to waste, and the equestrian centre be demolished.

The centre has ten paddocks, a hay shed, saddlery shed, outdoor jumping arena, and a dressage arena. Also on the property is a lovely five-bedroom home. To Australians who will preserve western values: it’s still for sale!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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  • cc1980 says:

    Of course he has the right to decide who he wants to sell to.

  • Carol says:

    We do not want these Muslems! Oboma! brought them here by the mlions .Thay are evil Thay try pushing their Sharah law and their evil religion ,Thay need to go away and go back to their country we do not want them .

  • Merry says:

    Kudos to Mr. O’Leary. These people should not be even anywhere in any Christian lands. But the bottom line is that the rancher knows what he’s doing.

  • mary says:

    Your a great Australian.

  • Julie says:

    Yes it is his property to sell to whom ever he decides!! I would have done the same thing!! I just watched a story of what’s happening in Ontario Canada! These people are barbarians! Wheeling bricks at children, braking up donated furniture given by neighbors to these Syrian refugees using them as weapons against the very neighbors that welcomed them into their communities!! Theses people need to go back to their own country and their own culture they do not fit in with civilized Christians values or any other religions!! The ONLY RELIGION THAT HAS A PROBLEM WITH THE REST OF THE RELIOUS COMMUNITY!!! Send them packing!!!

  • Mary Colley says:

    Need more people to tell it as it Is without any time we were a strong nation times with culture tell a sad tale tool often today.

  • CF