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We all knew this was going to happen. The majority of the House Democratic caucus now supports impeachment proceedings against President Trump because he won the 2016 election. This was the plan all along. Of course, the Democrats couldn’t admit this after they retook the House in 2018.

They had to look like they were going to push a legislative agenda, not engage in a crusade against the Trump White House until the next election cycle. It’s the tantrum of all tantrums. And while this is annoying—the impeachment circus—it’s also highly entertaining; Trump lives rent-free in the minds of the American Left. And every time they think about it, the more insane these people get which also increases the chances that Trump secures a second term.

So, a majority of House Democrats backs impeaching Trump. What say you, Speaker Nancy Pelosi? She isn’t budging. She knows this move will animate the GOP base. This is the declaration of nuclear political war, and she knows her side could very well lose.

In fact, she knows it will; the Republicans control the Senate and they’re not going to go along with this nonsense. The Trump-Russia collusion myth has been thoroughly dissected as trash. There is no appetite to impeach among voters. As our friends at Twitchy noted, even pollsters are signaling that support for impeaching Trump has dropped.

And that plays into the narrative thus far for Democrats heading into 2020. They just don’t care about what voters think. They’re pushing health care for illegals, open borders, taxpayer-funded abortion, gun confiscation, and the destruction of private health insurance, which is part of their Medicare for All push. Oh, and this health care initiative will lead to the mother of all tax increases for the middle class.

None of these proposals are popular with voters, especially the latter—and this impeachment push is no different. The liberal bubble is thick. It’s dense. And it keeps the nauseating stench of liberal condescension under an airtight seal. They’re wallowing in it now. What will happen when Trump wins again?

  • william says:

    Civil war in the US when trump wins again..

  • Evangeline says:

    Didn’t someone force the impeachment vote already and they didn’t get enough votes? They are so pathetically DESPERATE BECAUSE THEY KNOW HE WILL WIN IF HE IS ALLOWED TO RUN IN 2020 AND IF THEY CAN IMPEACH HIM, HE WON’T BE ALLOWED TO RUN. They play dirty and they’re proud of it. God put Trump in office and God will not bless their evil efforts! If he looses fairly, then so be it. But to meddle in an election, which is what they are trying to do by keeping him from running is a dirty tactic. They won’t succeed!

  • Steven says:

    Any trust created by the will CANNOT legally gain ownership of ANYTHING until claims against the estate are resolved.

  • Kara says:

    The demoncrats are acting as though Satan is leading the pack. If they think We, the People will not stand up and fight their nefarious ways, they have no idea how tough the American citizens can be to preserve our way of life. Anyone who shows their hatred for America and the American people will go down in infamy as a stain on our history. One thing about history is that it never forgets!! When these people meet St Peter at the gate of Heaven they will get the surprise of their lives. No admittance, no protection and certainly can’t be bought off. They will funneled to the depths of Hell where they can continue to serve Satan. I would love to be there to see this…..the best joy of my life.

    • mary says:

      Kara-I agree with you. Trump is standing up for the American People. Just what are the DAM O CRATS doing? The DAM O CRATS are just plain angry that Trump won and what is her name lost. Never did trust the Clinton’s. I do believe the Christians went and voted along with other citizens who just had enough of the past president’s that never did anything to protect USA. I just wonder in the back of my mind, if the so called law makers in DC ever do read all of the remarks? We all need to meet at the Polls and vote our conscious. Once again, Kara thank you so much.

  • Mike Sutherland says:

    I believe they know only to well if they go after Trump many of them will be brought down also, so leave sleeping giants lay

  • John says:

    Personally, I’d welcome an impeachment attempt by the Dem’s! ANYTHING which will help insure Trump gets re-elected! Call me a Pessimist, but I’m more wondering what will happen if Trump loses to an establishment type and the Dem’s retake the Senate and maintain control of the house! A VERY unlikely scenario, to be sure, but , considering all the new illegal voters and the virulent hatred of Trump by Leftist Dem’s – what IF? The DC establishment, both sides of the aisle, would try to see to it that Republicans NEVER get the opportunity to elect another non-establishment approved President! Returning to the Status Quo swamp which was DC before Trump, isn’t a viable option, IMO!

  • Boyd says:

    “What will happen when Trump wins again?”
    Get out the body bags because I think a bunch of liberals will be jumping out of buildings!
    I think we will be seeing what Jesus (in the bible) refers to as “wailing and gnashing of teeth” being displayed.

  • CF