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THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN! Team Trump Makes Awesome Announcement On David Clarke



As President-elect Donald Trump progresses towards inauguration day, his plan for a smooth transition into Commander-in-Chief might have the benefit of getting advice from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Clarke is, as many already know, an outspoken supporter of gun rights and is being considered for one of Trump’s plum cabinet positions and we agree that he would be a good choice for whatever position Trump offers him.

From Breitbart:

 Trump transition team officials confirmed that the president-elect would meet with Clarke on Monday, after he returns to Trump Tower from his Thanksgiving trip to Mar-a-largo in Florida.

Officials did not say whether Trump is offering Clarke a position with his administration, but signaled interest in his opinions.

“The president elect meets with individuals who he believes he wants to hear their ideas, suggestions and opinions and then sometimes considers them for multiple potential positions,” Trump transition team’s Sean Spicer explained.

Clarke, an outspoken champion for Second Amendment gun rights and a registered Democrat, has earned the respect from Trump supporters during the campaign. He also spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, supporting Trump for president.

As a member of law enforcement, Clarke has been highly critical of anarchist groups like Black Lives Matter calling them  “a bunch of thugs, a bunch of creeps, criminals, [and] race-hustlers.”

Clarke validated his evaluation of the BLM in an appearance on CNN by saying:

“I think very fair in light of the anti-cop rhetoric that is sweeping the United States of America, fueled by this group, some of the vulgar, vile, vicious rhetoric coming out talking about killing cops,”

Clearly, sheriff Clarke is the kind of person who has the integrity worthy of our trust and confidence. He would be an excellent choice to make the race hustlers like Al Sharpton and the BLM shut up and take notice!

Source: Breitbart

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  • Louis says:

    What’s the damn awesome announcement? Stop putting crap up that look like grocery store tabloids! That’s the kinda crap the liberals do.

  • CF