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The New York Giants waived cornerback Janoris Jenkins on Friday after he supposedly refused to apologize for calling someone who was trolling him on Twitter a “retard.”

The incident happened on Wednesday when Jenkins tweeted out his apparent stats from the season, writing: “14 [pass breakups], 4 [interceptions], 50 total tackles, 3 [touchdowns] given up [in] week 3. Talk about that..”

A random Twitter account responded, “How many of those stats contributed to any wins? #none #irrelevant.”

Jenkins responded, writing, “I only can do my job.. retard”

ESPN reported:

Giants coach Pat Shurmur met with Jenkins on Wednesday and said in a statement Friday that Jenkins’ refusal to admit that what he did was wrong led to his release.

“This was an organizational decision,” Shurmur said. “From ownership to management to our football operations, we felt it was in the best interests of the franchise and the player. Obviously, what happened this week, and the refusal to acknowledge the inappropriate and offensive language, was the determining factor.”

However, Jenkins did apologize for using the word just hours after the tweet, writing: “My apology for the word I used earlier, really didn’t mean no “HARM”. #RabbitLoveEverybody”

When questioned by reporters on Thursday about the tweet, Jenkins said, “It’s just part of my culture, part of my slang that I use. I wasn’t calling nobody no name. Like I said, I wasn’t picking on nobody, I wasn’t throwing shade at nobody. It’s just the slang that I use back at home … with my homeboys or whatever.”

“Do you understand why that’s … not the right word to use and why?” a reporter asked Jenkins.

“Like I said, it’s just the slang that I use with my homeboys or back at home in the hood –” Jenkins said before being interrupted.

“That doesn’t really make it right,” the reporter countered.

“I never said it was right. I said it’s the slang that I use back at home. I never said it was right,” Jenkins responded.

Jenkins later added, “I regret it, but at the end of the day, like I said, it’s my slang, so if you take it how you are going to take it, then that’s on you. I don’t mean to offend nobody. My dad always told me, speak freely and own up to what you say. So, I always speak freely as a man, and I speak how I want to speak.”

“Is that a word you’ll continue to use going forward?” a reporter asked.

“Next question,” Jenkins replied.

Immediately following his release from the Giants, “he hit up a toy drive pep rally at Anthony Wayne Middle School in New Jersey. Jenkins didn’t seem fazed by the football situation – and was welcomed by the students and faculty,” TMZ reported.

“It’s always a learning moment, man. Everybody’s going to learn from different situations … move forward and learn,” Jenkins said in an interview with TMZ, which was featured in a separate report. “You just admit to it. Admit that you did wrong, which I did.”

After he was cut by the team, Jenkins tweeted: “Best news ever.. Thank you”

Jenkins later added, “I Just want to thank the organization for the opportunity & good luck to my brothers that remains a Giant! Again, want my fans to know my intentions are always pure and genuine. #RabbitLoveEverybody”

  • ttd says:

    The real retards are the owners and management of the loser Giants. Look what they have done to a once great team. As for the word retard, what is wrong with calling an idiot a retard? I grew up with retards, went to school with retards and have to deal with retards every day. So for all you retards and those that don’t like the term…screw all of you RETARDS!!!!!!!

    • Art LaPella says:

      Because there’s no evidence that any of those people have a serious mental deficiency. At worst, they are completely wrong, so that phrase would have been enough. There’s no reason to discourage others who have a serious mental problem but may be trying. I do agree that people overreact to such words. Then again, it isn’t our team, so the owner should be able to fire who he wants. We shouldn’t overreact to that either.

  • Ruth Bosic says:

    Oh for good grief! Stop being so PC! Grow up people!

  • Alfred E Newman says:

    I see a lawsuit in the making and a NIKE contract

  • PNut67 says:

    Black man say “retard”, I gotta read about it on here. White man, Christian, Jew call a black man a N166ER…..& ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE 24/7….
    Maybe he said it cause the Giants are losers, & he knew HOW to get cut.

  • Paul says:

    Unfortunately, one’s employment check doesn’t necessarily reflect class.

  • Lm says:

    Pot calling the kettle black. It is obvious by this guys tweets and use of the English language, that he himself has a serious mental deficiency. I venture to say that many of the people commenting on here have used that word in certain situations but just are just not going to admit it. PC is Universally in full force now that is certain.

  • Wilson says:

    One of the most misused words in the dictionary. Originally it had nothing to do with metal illness. It is also used in music and science besides in the mental health portion.

    Just be glad the use of the word imbecilic is not as prevalent as it use to be in the 40s to 60s in the medical profession as it was used a lot for the names of medical facilitates as a place to toss the unwanted and mentally hilarious as they would call them.

  • CF