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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) slammed far-left New York Times writer Wajahat Ali on Tuesday after Ali mocked the notion that Republicans like Crenshaw were “patriots” and falsely claimed that Crenshaw did not support the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

Ali made his vile comments in response to comedian Jon Stewart slamming members of Congress on Tuesday over their failure “to ensure that a victims’ compensation fund set up after the 9/11 attacks won’t run out of money — and for skipping a hearing devoted to that very crisis,” Fox News reported.

In a now-deleted tweet, Ali wrote: “Anytime a Republican says they are ‘patriots’ ask them if they voted to fund the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. You know who’s for it? Ilhan Omar. You know who hasn’t sponsored it? Dan Crenshaw. @DanCrenshawTX, I hope you do the right thing. If not, why aren’t you?”

Crenshaw responded by writing: “Hey ‘journalist,’ maybe you should check your facts. I am a co-sponsor. Nice try though.”

Crenshaw, who is a former Navy SEAL, also included a picture of an x-ray scan of his head that showed the injury that he sustained when a bomb blew up in his face while he was fighting terrorists overseas.

  • Evelyn says:

    Ali a muslim no doubt, a stupid uneducated journalist who has no idea what the hell he is writing about. Stop buying the New York times, hopefully they will go broke.

  • Sam Lehman says:

    I don’t want to hear anything any rag-head has to say about 911

  • gregsnyder says:

    Dear Ali Wagnutz, Raghead Reporter Extra Ordinaire

    You mess with my boy, Dan, you get an x-ray of the patriot’s sacrifice for his country. You, on the other hand, have nothing but a couple of turds you polished with your left hand whilst wanking with your right. That’s considered multi-tasking at the NYT.

    It’s a shame Dan wasn’t in your crummy homeland earlier. Perhaps he would have had the opportunity to eliminate whoever would eventually spawn you. Don’t venture outside your lib bastions of NYC and the NYT. The real world–and especially we Texans–don’t much cotton to your kind, Sahib.

    Bubba Joe Glock
    Just another Disabled American Veteran Patriot

  • CF