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Former NFL running back Herschel Walker succinctly expressed his opposition to a proposed California plan to pay for health insurance for thousands of illegal immigrants in a tweet earlier this week.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Democrats have agreed to a plan that would fund health care for illegal immigrants under the state’s Medi-Cal plan.

The coverage would be for low-income adults in the state illegally who are between the ages of 19 and 25. The agreement was part of the state’s budget deal, and will cost a reported $98 million annually to cover about 90,000 illegal immigrants.

Walker, in his tweet, suggested that the state paying for illegal immigrant health insurance might not be the best use of resources, considering the other issues California is dealing with.

“Not to point fingers at California, but why would you give free healthcare to illegal immigrants when your streets are littered with homeless legal residents, trash, and tents,” Walker wrote. “California is a beautiful place, so let’s keep it that way.”

California will revive the individual mandate that used to apply to the entire country under Obamacare. Under the mandate, people who don’t have health insurance are taxed.

So, people who do not have health insurance will pay an additional tax to fund health insurance for people who are living in California illegally.

California’s plan could’ve been even more drastic. Some lawmakers in the state wanted it to also cover health insurance for illegal immigrant senior citizens, and others wanted it to cover everyone above the age of 19. The latter plan could’ve cost an estimated $3.4 billion.

“We’re going to penalize the citizens of this state that have followed the rules, but we’re going to let somebody who has not followed the rules come in here and get the services for free. I just think that’s wrong,” Republican state Sen. Jeff Stone said last month.

  • Dan Burns says:

    IT’s all about buying votes

  • Granny says:

    Stop federal funding to this state for anything. I don’t want one red penny of my money funding these idiots.

    • Tom95988 says:

      Federal should stop all funding to the state of California, they want to make their own rules they can pay their own way. They require you go by their rules or you don’t qualify the same should go for them, either go by the rules or lose the funding. What is good for the goose is good for the gander

  • Joseph Kempski says:

    Dems are assholes

  • Kim D Lloyd says:

    All about getting votes so they can stay in office to steal from hard working Americans. Need to vote there sorry lying ass out of office.

  • Pat says:

    Now more of those idiot who voted in liberal idiots are going to flee to other states infecting then with their idiotic ideas. We need a wall around California to keep them in.

  • Paula Blissett says:

    The most communist strategy, i have ever heard! Wouldn’t be surprised if Illinois does it next, Fucking, DEMORATS!

  • CF