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A New York Times reporter criticized President Donald Trump for using his presidential limo known as “The Beast” during his visit to the Daytona International Speedway on Sunday.

Reporter Maggie Haberman said, “Using the official apparatus of government for what appears to be a political event.”

In response, Haberman was rebuked for her characterization of Trump’s activities on Sunday.

Indeed, Trump was not in Daytona for a political event, rather he was on-hand as a VIP guest to give the iconic “gentleman, start your engines” command, as well as lead the field of 40 drivers during the pace laps before the race got underway.

“I’m sorry, but this is just an absurd characterization of what’s actually happening here and describing it this way betrays a real bias,” one person responded to Haberman.

“To be blunt, get a life, Maggie. Obama went to a #MarchMadness game and that was fine. Relax. I know the #Daytona500 is the opposite of what The Times represents readership-wise, but chill,” another person responded.

“Maggie, your unique insights are invaluable. Keep up the solid journalisming!” another critic responded.

“What did you want him to ride in? An Uber?” another person responded.

“Wait until you learn that the president rides in that thing to literal campaign events,” another person responded.

“So what do you call it when you use journalism as a politics apparatus for the Democratic Party?” one person mocked.

  • Linda says:

    A NY Times reporter suffering from TDS. Perfect!!

    • Joy DB says:

      So, what can one expect from the lying NY Slimes?!? It’s punk “journalism” at its most juvenile & disgusting! Get a life, Maggie! Trump is STILL YOUR President!!

  • Greyguy says:

    So having rock stars over to the White House for the Previous 8 years was for the good of the country or was it an abuse of power and the budget to use the official residence as party central for overgrown hipsters, using tax dollars to satisfy their frivolous narcistic neediness to be the popular kids?

  • Mike says:

    I can’t believe you call yourself a journalist you sound like a democratic moron

  • Matt says:

    She is being called out! Delicious!

  • Carl says:

    Trump and Melania received a eruption from the crowd of 4 more years. awesome The democrats will blame trump for the rain.

  • frederick says:

    America loves Trump because he is a “doer” not a screw up like Obama.

  • Helen says:

    It was an incredible experience!

  • CF