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Obama Was Caught Sneaking Back Into The U.S. Through Alaska



Barak Obama was seen sneaking back into the U.S. through Alaska, and he is determined to get to Washington, for a secret meeting that we just found out about it. Reports confirmed that Eric Holder, the former Attorney General, wants Obama at this secret meeting, and it’s regarding Trump. Anyhow, Trump has discovered their evil plan, and it’s disturbing how far they wanted to go to destroy our loved president.

Obama was caught by a woman who saw him in Alaska and took a photo of him and her baby, that went viral. Trump camp saw this photo and notified that Obama was coming back.

CBS News shared this tweet with Obama and the Alaska baby, and as expected, the mainstream media made Obama look like a superhero:

“Obama will headline the fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) at a private home in Washington that will also be attended by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and will be hosted by former Attorney General Eric Holder,” CNN reported Monday.

Normally, private events are not the press main interest, but Obama was left with no choice after the Trump camp revealed the secret event as the reason Barack was back.

After investigating, it turns out that this secret meeting is the start of the former Obama administration’s plan to defeat Trump in 2020. Obama has admitted that The National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) is his main interest, his priority.

“Where he will be most politically engaged will be at the state legislative level, with an eye on redistricting after 2020,” White House political director David Simas stated for Politico, in October 2016.

NDRC is important to Obama and other big names in the Democratic Party because that is how they will change the determination of the districts called “gerrymandering.”

This is their plan, to manipulate the borders of the districts so they can make it in their favor, to turn a state from red to blue.

California is one example of this, as the state is mostly red but they manipulated the main urban areas in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Democrats have owned it in elections ever since.

“Restoring fairness to our democracy by advocating for fairer, more inclusive district maps around the country is a priority for [now-former] President Obama,” stated Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president.

As CNN reported, the event “marks Obama’s first foray back into politics since departing the White House on January 20.” So, Obama says his priority is to make sure we have “fair” district lines -like we can’t see through his lies.

Luckily his cover was blown and now we know to keep an eye on him.

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  • Erlinda Fayette Avila says:

    I can’t believe that guy will come back and planning to destroy our President,,they are bad people why they cannot put in jail they are done a lot of damage in these country why nobody can touch them i can’t believe these is happening, and i can’t believe that he can do what he want’s and nobody can do anything.these is all bull shit.

  • Donna Mabry says:


  • Margaret Khan says:

    Congressional committees are useless. They just talk but never take action. Eric Holder was under Contempt of Congress for a long time and did not do time. He should be convicted for putting butter sticks under a daycare in OKC.

  • Frank J Panzer Jr says:

    This is stupid, they know what’s going on and only have the balls to write or talk about nothing will be done, they are worst then all these keyboard commandos, at least they say something because their hands are tied. the politicans have the power but only spend the taxpayers dollar and rip the American people off. It’s time to stop kissing these thieves asses and put them in prison. that includes these governors.they ought to be tried then given the rope for treason.

  • Ellis Drewery says:

    They don’t have to worry about defeating Trump in 2020, unless the remainder of Trump’s presidency brings about accomplishments that are too grandiose for even the liberals to defame. He may very well bring about some very impressive improvements to the mess that Obama left behind, but, I’m afraid he is too controversial to be considered a viable GOP candidate in 2020. They will be looking for a figurehead that is more in line with the old school, establishment Republican party. Hopefully, before Trump is finished, he will have succeeded in returning the country to some semblance of the pre-Obama era and that we, as voters, will be more aware of the farce that is the Democratic party. The Republicans should be doing their dead level best to groom Trey Gowdy for the presidency in 2020.

  • Karen says:

    Are you freaking kidding me??? Obama isn’t SNEAKING back ANYWHERE! The man LIVES IN WASHINGTON, DC! Please tell me this is a satirical piece. Please… If it isn’t, then this country is in much more serious trouble than I even imagined. And no, I’m not a “bleeding heart liberal” and no, I did NOT vote for Obama in either of his elections. I’m just asking for someone to please check their facts before publishing something like this. The Dems are using it as a prime example of how ignorant the Republicans are, and I have to tell you that this really does make their case for them.

  • CF