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Obama Folks Stole Everything: Secret Service Can’t Find Tons Of Its Guns, Phones, Badges And Cars!



Oh my god! Is this the way how you govern?

By stealing public property? Only god knows how much scandals like this are going to be revealed next weeks…

Billions of dollars of damages are going to be find out, we are more than sure in this. Obama’s folks are greedy and bad people, they do not respect public property!

According to Daily Caller:

Thousands of sensitive assets belonging to U.S. Secret Service agents, including firearms, computer laptops, work badges, telephones and even motor vehicles, have been lost during the past 15 years, according to documents obtained by nonprofit government watchdog Judicial Watch.

“This is supposedly an elite law enforcement agency — how did all this equipment get stolen?” or lost. “This is alarming. Every American should be alarmed about this,” Judicial Watch’s Irene Garcia told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Secret Service agents reported 11,780 lost or stolen assets between fiscal years 2001 and 2016, according to the data Judicial Watch received, although the agency didn’t distinguish between lost and stolen items.

A total of 121 “weapons/pistols” were lost or stolen from 2001 through 2016, including 69 in 2002 alone. The Secret Service also reported 736 cell phones, 571 badges and six vehicles as lost or stolen in that same period.

But uncategorized or “all remaining” assets account for 4,644 of the 11,780 lost or stolen items. More assets were lost or stolen in fiscal year 2004 than any other year — 1,362, most of which were uncategorized.

Something has to be changed in America folks!

We have to reduce the government because of this. People do not care! People are bad by nature, we have to go with capitalism and market logic, everything else is not working!

We had so many time to see that, socialistic project has been tested so many times, big government Is a huge problem, we need low taxes, small government, small regulation and more freedom!

That is the formula for America being great again!!!

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Source: Usapoliticstoday

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