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Obama FURIOUS After Willie Nelson Calls Him Out On Live TV [VIDEO]



Country superstar Willie Nelson has taken a very public and creative stand against Obama. In collaboration with Merle Haggard, Nelson released a song called “It’s All Going to Pot.”

The song is a clever reference to what is happening to the economy under the Obama administration. It is also about the legalization of marijuana, and references our president’s pot-smoking past.

“All the whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee just couldn’t hit the spot,” one line in the song reads. “I’ve got a hundred dollar bill, friend keep your pills, ‘cause it’s all going to pot.”
Listen to the song below and tell us what you think.

Source: Proud-patriots

  • Tera says:

    Will always be a fan of Mr.Nelson and Mr. Haggard. I love the song.

  • Carolyn Lemmon says:

    Willie is a liberal democrat. Nothing like this suggests…He has a line of weed called Willies Reserve. I am a hard right Independent. Quit with the lies! We love Willie, Been to his place, Seen him more than 2 dozen times. He says little but proves himself but through his actions. Farmaide etc…He is a force to recon with an Industry, and one I would support, along with our new administration…This is a total misconception of the truth. Fake news so to speak….

  • CF