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While Obama Gave Hillary’s Donors Medals, The True Patriot, Actor Gary Sinise Was Doing THIS During His Thanksgiving



President Barack Obama gave medals to people that are his close buddies. This Thanksgiving was nothing more than a show of hypocrisy, ignorance and selfishness played by the White House. Obama made ,,dad jokes” in his warm home, while Donald Trump was fighting to save our economy. But, the main insult to our nation is this award give away by Obama.

This guy rewarded with Medal of Freedom liberals like Ellen DeGeneres, Robert De Niro, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, and Bruce Springsteen. This people supported Hilary Clinton and spread liberal philosophy to make pressure to the people. On the other hand, Gary Sinise spent this thanksgiving with our war heroes:

This is a real patriot! Gary passed half the world around to be with our troops and encourage them, because these people are ready to die for our country. Barack Obama an his administration never ever showed any interest in the military nor the brave veterans.

They work for minimal wage, they have no benefits from this administration and soon, they begin to rotate on the margins of our society. What do you think? Do we need to keep this trend, or we need to pay more attention to our heroes?


Source: Proud-patriots

  • Nickie Scott says:

    Good job Mr. Sinise..You may always play a bad guy on TV..But in real life ya are a hero. Thank you for showing the world what Mr. Obama should have been doing. You are right about one thing. He never cared for our troops nor our Veterans.That’s all going to change once President Trump moves into the white house. Thank you for helping our troops..I’m a 4 generation Veteran along with my son and his father..

  • Gail Currin says:

    We need to take care of all Armed Force personnel who have served our Country. We owe them everything.

  • Fiesty says:

    Obama is a flaming disgrace! He has spent his way through his time as President like a drunken Sailor! While ignoring the Patriots that lay their lives on the line for their Country! You and your family,including the Mother in law, have enjoyed obscenely extravagant trips and shopping the likes of which other Presidents would never think of while decimating the actual meals of the Military and even schoolchildren! Your Legacy will be one of greedy opulence and devisiveness!

  • Diane Williams says:

    We need to pay more attention to our military. Thank you Gary for all you do as well as our military.

  • GrannyJo says:

    Gary Sinese is a Class Act – believe in helping our Veteran’s our Military and doing good. Of all the ones given a Medal of Honor the only ones really deserving are Bill and Melinda Gates. The others are performers, actors, and do not have a clue about real life. Maybe Donald Trump, as President, will give awards to those deserving – not just those who cater to him.

  • Glenda says:

    No big surprise. Obama needs prison. Worst president ever. Be gone bad seed. Sooner the better.
    God bless sinise. Help our heroes. Not money bags.

  • CF