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Pete Souza, official White House photographer for President Barack Obama, swore at President Donald Trump on Twitter Saturday, dropping the F-bomb on Trump and calling him a “pathetic human being”.

The episode is another example of the potentially violence inducing hatred expressed by senior Obama officials against President Trump in the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus crisis.

“Am I allowed to say “fuck” on Twitter? Fuck you potus. You’re a pathetic human being.”

Souza’s swearing at President Trump was an instant hit with the Resistance crowd, garnering over 76,000 likes and almost 9,000 retweets in about five hours after posting at 4:21 p.m. EDT.

Souza’s tweet has the apparent approval of journalist Soledad O’Brien.


Pete Souza deleted his Twitter account Saturday night.

Souza’s verified account was opened in January 2017 after the end of the Obama administration.


    So typical of all the people from the obamama years. See what the sheeple demos did to our country. I know it is theirs too, but they don’t really care.

  • n wilson oliver says:

    Amazing how all these POS’s who swore “He’s Not My President” now are begging for his help and attention as they continue to vilify him. I think this individual will find succor among the other misfits and deviants who occupy positions of esteem in the minds of other like-minded dysfunctionals…

    I hope that the “deplorables” (the working individuals who were ignored by previous administrations and brought Trump to power) and other patriotic Americans will remember WHO cheered COVID-19 for crashing the economy and killing Americans, ASSUMING this PANDEMIC was sent by their DEMONS to return them to power–A Pox Unto Them would be my hope!

  • Uncle Bearski says:

    [sarcasm] Classy!! [/sarcasm] [rolls eyes]

  • Carol says:

    He will be taking photos in the in a police station. I wouldn’t want him at my kid’s birthday or prom. He probably has a dishonest streak like his former boss. Wonder if he kept a few pictures he wasn’t supposed to.

  • Terry Moore says:

    FYI just said what the majority of us feel about you. you are the pathic one peace of shit. your really a sick low life dog.

  • LST says:

    I suppose he’s still sucking Onigger’s dick. And the former First Tranny’s too.

  • CF