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House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi had a mental breakdown when announcing the impeachment proceedings vote last week.

Waving her finger at reporters in a childlike tantrum the Speaker insisted that the Democrats were being fair to President Donald Trump.

Reporters asked the Speaker before the vote if the impeachment proceedings vote if it would neutralize Republicans concerns, an irate Rep. Pelosi admonished them.

“These rules are fairer than anything that have gone before in terms of an impeachment proceeding, she said, her finger waving.

“I’m not here to answer any questions about what the Republicans say,” she said before the partisan vote.

But as much as she insisted that Democrats were being fair the vote was on party lines with some Democrats defecting.

Not a single Republican, aside from former Republican Rep. Justin Amash who has been obsessed with impeachment, voted for the inquiry.

And after the vote Republicans spoke against the inquiry and the resolution that was pushed by Rep. Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff.

“Speaker Pelosi is finally admitting what the rest of America already knew — that Democrats were conducting an unauthorized impeachment proceeding, refusing to give the President due process, and their secret, shady, closed door depositions are completely and irreversibly illegitimate,” White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said.

“These are a group of people loyally following their leader as he bounces from one outlandish conspiracy theory to another,” Rep. Devin Nunes said.

“At the beginning of this, Congress said if there’s going to be impeachment it has to be bipartisan,” Rep. Steve Scalise said.

“In fact, the only bipartisan vote today was against impeachment. Every single Republican voted against it, but there were also Democrats who said that they can’t stand this tainted, Soviet-style process,” he said.

  • Lynda says:

    Fair? In whose mind? This bunch of dimwits have been UNFAIR to President Trump since he won the Republican nomination. They’ve schemed, lied and created false testimony for over 3 years! And neglected their DUTIES to the American people. We need to clean house in 2020!

  • Lm says:

    Nasty Nancy. Nice authoritarian body language. These people are truly frightening. We are but subjects they the rulers. And to think they are supposed to work for the people. Can you imagine speaking in that tone and pointing your finger at your boss?

  • CF