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People Noticed Something DOWNRIGHT EERIE About the Obamas’ New DC Mansion – Look Closely…



Barack Hussein Obama is preparing to move out of the White House and into a $5.5 million mansion in the ritzy Washington D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama after Trump is inaugurated on January 20. However, something downright eerie was just spotted within walking distance of his new home that may indicate why he’s really moving there.

The Daily Caller reported that Obama’s new mansion is located just 1,096 feet from the Islamic Center of Washington, which is one of the largest mosques in the Western Hemisphere.

“It provides Qur’an and Islamic Literature and distribution of such publications that would create awareness and knowledge of Islamic Truth,” the center’s website states.

Prayers are held at the center five times a day, and Jumaa Prayer, a traditional, congregational prayer held each Friday. The outside of the building features horseshoe arches, Arabic script and a tall, ornate minaret.

Located just around the corner is Obama’s new 8,200-square-foot mansion, which boasts eight-bedroom and nine-and-a-half-bathroom. Built in 1928, the home sold for $5,295,000 in 2014 and will be rented by the Obama family until Sasha Obama finishes school in two years.

Obama has been fighting rumors that he is secretly a Muslim for the past eight years. Though he has always claimed to be a devout Christian, his anti-Christian and pro-Muslim agendas have led many to believe that he was hiding his true faith all along just so that he could get elected.

Perhaps the fact that Obama is moving to a home around the corner from the largest mosque in the Western world is just a coincidence, but perhaps it’s not…

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Source: Truthmonitor

  • Emily Tolosa says:

    He lies about so many things, you cannot just assume about him anymore, you either believe or deny it yourself. Nobody has to tell you otherwise. It’s very obvious Hussein Obama is a Muslin. Let’s leave it at that .

  • Are we supposed to be surprised ??? He us just another insidious Muslim who gained power in our country !

  • AntiGlobalist says:

    That George Soros money rents Obama a nice house! Trump is up to his eyeballs in Traitorgaitors in the DC swamp!

  • CF