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During an appearance on CNBC, musical talent Pharrell Williams criticized Independence Day for supposedly lacking in inclusivity and advocated for both reparations and for all employers to give employees June 19th, or Juneteenth, off as a paid holiday.

“As Americans we love, and we appreciate Independence Day, but when July 4, 1776, took place, the only ones that were free from the British monarchy were our white brothers,” Pharrell told host David Faber, on Monday.

“The white sisters could not vote the Native Americans where we get this land from,” he continued, “they were not free and certainly the African-Americans, women, and men, we didn’t have our freedom either. In fact, if everyone that is listening at home or watching at home just imagined a day or what it feels like to wake up in a world where you don’t own the land, the air, you don’t own anything everything comes from the express permission of your white brothers some of them.”

Williams said that Juneteenth, “for us,” “feel[s] like the day that we were freed, everyone was freed.”

“So why not make that a paid holiday? We deserve that, you know?” the “Happy” singer argued.

“There is a word that scares so many people, it is called reparations, and we deserve that, too,” he asserted.

“I think the first thing we should do is really, you know, we don’t want to take away the Independence Day that we have, we just also want a day that is inclusive of everyone,” Williams suggested.

“Our biggest issue as a nation is that we always feel like we know how to read the room, maybe because we own the room,” he added. “But perhaps we have forgotten who actually did the labor. So the action points here, talking to corporations and legislatures, and leaders around the world [are] making Juneteenth a paid holiday for employees in the United States. Then we would like a day to recognize the emancipation of enslaved people.”

The 47-year-old also admonished some employers for their “privilege” and “hubris,” responding to a question concerning business owners not giving Martin Luther King Day off as a paid holiday.

“Well, we have to face our hubris,” he said. “We have to face our privilege. And it is absolutely hubris and privilege for someone to not adhere to a state-regulated paid holiday.”

“For me, I would love to just say yeah, around the world, we have acknowledged the emancipation of enslaved people, but that is not enough,” added Williams. “Before you can get to that part, you have to start with your heart. You to start with your heart, and we have convenient blind spots in this nation, and we’re comfortable with being tone-deaf.”

  • Fast Eddie says:

    Go back to where your ancestors came from if you don’t like it here you dumb fuck. Yes, America is not perfect but it beats any other place in the world to live in and you know ot or you wouldn’t still be here suckin’ up the good life.

  • Guy says:

    No, you don’t, your parents were never slaves, your grandparents were never slaves, your great grandparents were never slaves.

    In fact your success proves that blacks can achieve a successful life. But, they choose not to.

    It’s not Totally their fault, the Democrat party has always used the blacks as a tool. Yet they still vote for the same treatment decade after decade. The recent employment numbers should prove that they are part of the country. Unfortunately the virus crushed that, but it will be back.

  • Stan says:

    You already have reparations such as food stamps, free housing, free phones, Obamacare and so much more.

  • vilius says:

    IN order to receive something, you have to give something in the form of labor or time or service. The negro today has not been enslaved, therefor he deserves nothing from the other 85% of society who work for something to receive something. Many of my relatives came from Ireland in the 1800’s as indentured servants, as close as you can get to being a slave. How much will the Negro community pay me?

  • Patriot1951 says:

    Then, Pharrell, you’d better plan on collecting “reparations” from the Democrats! They owned the slaves, not the Republicans! And we should remind Mr. Kaine that not all Europeans owned slaves, some like the Irish were slaves.

  • Margo says:

    Who is he calling brothers and sisters? Short memory Pharrell.
    Reparations for who?

  • CF