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One range owner brought a massive .50 caliber rifle to Monday’s gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia.

Monday’s rally, organized by the non-profit pro-2nd Amendment group Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), saw thousands rallying against recent gun control proposals. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency ahead of the event and banned guns from Capitol Square.

Guns were allowed outside of the capitol, and many of the pro-2nd Amendment activists stood outside of the barrier with their firearms. One man, an apparent range owner, boasted his massive gun as he spoke to reporters.

Monday’s rally is referred to as Lobby Day, a yearly event hosted by VCDL to advocate for gun rights. The event occurs on on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and many head to Richmond to lobby lawmakers while they’re in session.

Gun groups have been meeting across the state for months leading up to Monday’s event.

  • Trump 2020 says:

    I have a RAMO 50 cal. M2 HB.

  • Paul says:

    Where was Northam hiding through the protest?

    • Mars says:

      He was hiding in his mommy’s basement. With all those scary looking ‘assault’ weapons, can you blame him?….roflmao…

  • CF