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PHOTOS: First Lady Melania Returns to the White House In Stunning Chic Monochrome Outfit



First Lady Melania Trump returned to the United States today, landing in Maryland with Donald after their trip to Hamburg and Poland.

The First Lady, 47, wore a stylish monochrome look, pairing a plain black top with a white skirt.

The skirt was made from a heavy lace, and Melania wore a slip underneath it which stopped mid-thigh.

The skirt also had a black waistband to highlight Melania’s slim frame.

She completed the look with her favourite black sunglasses and a black crocodile skin Hermès Birkin bag.

But intense winds meant Melania – who normally doesn’t have a hair out of place – looked dishevelled as she stepped off the plane.

Her long, thick locks blew fiercely around her face and threatened to cover her face completely.

The dress had multiple tassels – just like gowns in the era, during which books such as the Great Gatsby are set.

Melania paired the dress with sky high white Christian Louboutin heels that appeared to be made from snake skin.

Her hair and makeup looked flawless, with her usual bouncy blow-dry intact.

What do you think about Melania’s outfit comment below.

  • Get Soros says:

    I love her hair like that.

  • Keylover says:

    The most beautiful and highly intelligent First Lady ever…I’m so proud!!!

  • santa Ruggiero says:

    There is an old Italian saying……” When you are young you have the face you were born with…but as you get older you have the face you deserve.” God bless the beautiful Trump Family……If America had a Queen;, FLOTUS would be perfect……

  • Bew Hallend says:

    She is outrageously beautiful!

  • Terry RM Roberts says:

    She has exquisite taste.


    It makes me so proud that she’s our First Lady. Her choice of clothing is perfect and so is she!

  • CF