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First lady Melania Trump chose a patriotic and classy outfit to attend ceremonies marking the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks.

Melania made sure to look impeccable for the occassion, and wore a black shirt dress which came to the knee. She added a thick black crocodile skin belt to accentuate her waist.

She finished the look with a pair of simple black court shoes.

After their appearance on the lawn President Trump attended a memorial ceremony at the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense headquarters, where 184 people died. Melania joined him there.

  • Sandra Scott says:

    Melania Trump is the classiest First Lady ever. Not only is she smart, she is beautiful. Her taste in clothing is impeccable, and she wears the right thing at the right time. The clothing designers that refused to dress her really made a big mistake. I am ashamed of the media for their treatment of her. Magazines should be lining up to take her picture for their magazine covers!

  • Carl says:

    What a awesome First Lady.

  • Sharon says:

    Melania is the best First Lady ever! She has real class!

  • Melania is so much more than the clothes she wears. Melania could wear an outfit constructed from paper bags and look beautiful. She was a model and we know that. I would much rather hear comments about her work with children and other activities, not just fashion comments.

  • Taterrr says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Our First Lady is nothing but Class. Actually shes to damn Classy for our SORRY Media. An the newspaper an magazines can follow HER lead. Those Pekerheads are hasbeens anyway.

    Enough said

    TRUMP 2020

  • Sue says:

    Our First Lady is the classiest we have ever had. Bar none! She dresses appropriately on all occasions. You never see her in a short skirt or a pants suit. She dress impeccable and she’s a first class act. I’m 70 and she wins the award hands down.

  • CF