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The issue of transgender male-to-female athletes competing in women’s events has escalated in recent months due to the increase in participation of biological males in some high-profile events, including qualifying events for the Olympics. One such athlete is Laurel Hubbard, a biological male who identifies as a female, and who has dominated multiple women’s weightlifting events, recently taking home two golds and a silver in three women’s heavyweight events at the the Pacific Games last summer.

On Wednesday, former CNN host and current “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan responded to reports on Hubbard competing for the International Weightlifting Federation Australian Weightlifting Open in Canberra, Australia, in hopes of qualifying for the Tokyo Games. Morgan’s initial tweet and follow-up posts promptly gained international attention, appearing in multiple reports on multiple continents.

Morgan’s transgender-themed tweets began with a response to a post by Dr. James Kent, who tweeted out images of Hubbard in competitions and wrote: “New Zealand transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard clinches two gold medals. Obliterated the rest of the female field. Olympics might be denied in Tokyo.”

“This is insane. Women’s rights to basic fairness & equality are getting destroyed at the altar of political correctness,” Morgan responded (posts below).

Among a flood of responses to Morgan’s “insane” post, one responder wrote: “I agree. And what exactly is this doing for women’s sport? There’s very little data on transitioned strength athletes. And at least until there are more studies on the impact a sex change has on a male body, I am sceptical about what should be allowed in women’s sport.”

That elicited another post by Morgan, who offered a “rather obvious fact” about transgender male-to-female athletes: “Trans women born with biological male bodies have a massive physical advantage against women born with female bodies in any sport where power & strength are significant factors. This shouldn’t be a contentious claim, it’s just a rather obvious fact.”

Along with many people expressing agreement with his statements, Morgan’s posts were also met with strong backlash from LGBT advocates. The television personality in turn pushed back a few times.

“I’m not transphobic & have always supported transgender rights. So why are you encouraging this hate just for clicks?” he wrote in response to a post by British LGBT Awards criticizing him.

“It’s not ‘transphobic’ to believe it is grotesquely unfair for transgender women born with male biological bodies to compete in sports like weightlifting against women born with female biological bodies. It’s common sense. Transgender rights shouldn’t damage women’s rights,” Morgan wrote in another response.

Among the sites that have covered Morgan’s transgender tweets is Yahoo Sports Australia , which highlights another complaint about transgender athletes competing in women’s events voiced by a widely recognized name in Australia, former Aussie Olympian Tamsyn Lewis.

“People are scared to come out and say anything because of political correctness,” Lewis told 2GB’s Ben Fordham on Wednesday. “This is an issue that’s a really difficult issue. Not even the IOC can come to the proper guidelines. It is politically charged and it’s a sensitive topic [but] if we don’t make a stand, what’s going to happen to that female category of sport?”

“And considering that Olympic competition is all about fairness,” said the host. “All about a level playing field, why don’t they understand that this is just not fair? That is the great fear here. It’s not about discouraging transgender athletes, it’s about encouraging female athletes.”

  • RD says:

    of course, a man of little mind and ability to perform as a man will cheat females to the point of having babies which is not possible, but they would argue that they can “by mind”. Insanity prevails in this world of chaotic satanic influence.

    • Policestate says:

      There is just to much insanity with all of the PC issues these days. If you were born a male you should only be allowed to compete against other males. You should also be ashamed at insisting on competing against females knowing full well you have an unfair advantage. If another athlete took drugs to enhance they’re ability so they could beat you every time or even just once I am sure you would be screaming bloody murder and insisting the awards be stripped from them and they be banned. Well you have the male drug testosterone in your body, which in female sporting events gives you an unfair advantage. All sporting bodies will need to set a maximum level of testosterone in female athletes. And then test all winning athletes. If found above the set level all awards will be taken back, and a new winner selected.

  • Harry says:

    to me it is simple , all competitors have to have a DNA test as well as drug tests in all competitions at world level then if you are a male born you don’t or can’t COMPETE IN THE FEMALE VERSION OF THE SPORT . THAT IS JUST GROSSLY UNFAIR, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A FEMALE THAT MIGHT ONCE IN A WHILE BE ABLE TO WIN AS HAPPEN THE OTHER WEEK IN A SPRINT RACE. IT!! WAS HAVING A BAD DAY THAT DAY. tranny’s must be banned in all future events unless it is a Tranny event. these are men who have no way to be good against men to me they are stealing from the girls and that is not what sport is about if they are allowed to compete in the Olympics. i will not watch any of it at all it is like the world cup that will take place i will not watch that either because it is corrupted by the Arab state and i think it is totally unfair to western footballers

  • Gerry says:

    The fact of the matter is — this POS dirtbag couldn’t compete with men so all of a sudden this f****** creep feels like a female and is allowed by total A-holes to compete against women. Every true female athlete in EVERY sport should boycott EVERY event including the olympics that allows a sissy male to compete with them. It would only take a few events to go bankrupt for this trans-bullschitt– to end.


    Have them compete with other trannies. Sooner or later someone is going to get pissed off about this whole clusterfuck and start some serious shit kicking. Pur that of TV and some people will watch.

  • Art LaPella says:

    Before the Great Society, this issue and numberless similar issues would have been simple: the event organizer makes the rules. If you don’t like the rules, stay home or organize your own event, but don’t complain if nobody watches.

  • CF