Police Arrest Mother Charged with Murder of Her Unborn Baby After He Dies with 6 Times the Toxic Level of Meth in His System
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Hanford, California, police have arrested a 25-year-old woman on murder charges after she delivered a stillborn baby boy with toxic levels of methamphetamine in his system.

According to report by KFSN-TV, investigators said Chelsea Becker gave birth to a stillborn baby boy in September. At the time, medical professionals knew something wasn’t right.

After an autopsy, it was confirmed that the baby was well over the toxic limit of methamphetamine even for an adult, with six times the toxic limit in his system.

The case was ruled a homicide and on Wednesday, law enforcement officers arrested Becker and booked her for murder.

Investigators believe Becker was using drugs for the entire duration of the pregnancy, consequently killing the unborn baby.

Hanford Police Sgt. Justin Vallin said, “Ms. Becker had been notified of what drug use could do if she was pregnant or while she was pregnant … about the harmful effects it could have on a child.”

Unfortunately, it is not the first time her drug use has endangered her children. Becker’s substance abuse has already caused her first three children to be taken away.

“I’m excited for her to straighten up and get clean because I know she’s smart enough to get out of it,” Becker’s cousin Terra Ordonez said in a video provided by King’s County Sheriff’s Office in a report on WIS-TV. “Hopefully, it’s an eye opener for a lot of women who are struggling. If you’re pregnant, scream for help.”

Becker’s aunt, Julie Lance, who adopted one of her sons, 3-year-old Troy, and has custody of 1-year-old Silas, had said if she ever wanted to see her other children again, especially Silas, she would need to come clean.

“If she wants to see him, she needs to turn herself in,” Lance said. “I know she loves him, and if there’s anything in the world that she wants, it’s this baby. She needs to turn herself in.”

  • Janet Barlow says:

    I’m afraid this doesn’t make any sense to me. I am totally against abortion (which I consider murder). Are we saying that you can’t murder your unborn child yourself with drugs or whatever but you can go to a doctor or facility and have them kill it for you and that’s okay. Idiotic.

  • Save babies not kill them says:

    Its murder no matter how the baby is killed

  • LST says:

    How can that be murder when the kid hadn’t lived yet? Life begins with the first breath, he never took a breath so therefore he never lived. But the bitch needs to be spayed before she gets knocked up yet again, what a useless whore.

  • April Carlton says:

    Isn’t this splitting hairs? They want abortions to be a woman’s right but she can’t terminate the baby on her own and it’s murder? Can’t have it both ways people!

  • Chaz says:

    Meth whores usually just give blow jobs, so how did this one manage to get pregnant 3-4 times??

  • CF