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Weeks after destructive protesters defaced a monument dedicated to a Revolutionary War hero, a visiting foreign president shamed them with a respectful visit to the memorial.

Polish President Andrzej Duda visited the monument to Tadeusz Kosciuszko Wednesday during his trip Washington, D.C., to meet with President Donald Trump.

The monument, located in Lafayette Park, was defaced as protests swept the city earlier this month.

While the park was in chaos weeks ago, Duda’s Wednesday visit was much less spectacular.

With no angry mob, no riot police and very little media attention, Duda simply walked to the memorial, placed a wreath and bowed his head in silence.

“A few weeks ago, Tadeusz Kosciuszko’s monument was vandalized,” Polish presidential staff member Marcin Czaplinski tweeted. “President [Duda] begins his visit in [Washington, D.C.] by paying tribute to a proponent for the abolition of slavery, a distinguished son of [Poland], and hero of the American Revolution.

“We remember your sacrifice!”

Watch the video of Duda’s visit to the Kosciuszko memorial below:

Considering Kosciuszko’s history, it seems protesters who defaced the monument had no idea who the war hero was.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the Polish-born war hero was a central player in many of our fledgling nation’s military victories.

Kosciuszko, who shared the sentiments of freedom and liberty with the American rebels, was attracted like a magnet to the conflict.

He offered his services as a military engineer to Continental forces, and was welcomed with open arms. Kosciuszko’s skill and wit would frustrate British assaults and harden the defenses of American forts, saving countless lives.

Owing to his love of freedom, the Polish engineer was also a fierce advocate for the abolition of slavery.

In his will, Kosciuszko directed that his American holdings be used to buy the freedom of some of Thomas Jefferson’s slaves. Jefferson, a friend of Kosciuszko, was named the will’s executor, but the requests in it were never fulfilled.

It’s unlikely protesters knew any of this before defacing his monument.

Although the heroes of American history are being forgotten and outright vilified by some, President Duda’s act of respect shows that these historical figures will not be so easily cast aside by the mob.

  • Fran says:

    These thugs have no shame they are blood thirsty animals that are getting away with murder and destruction. Democrats keep defending them and letting them out of jail and hiring more security with taxpayers money to protect themselves and the hell with the average American going to work everyday to provide for their families. Liberals are racist Hateful evil people who are doing work for the DEVIL!!!

  • Rebecca M Davis says:

    Most of those who fought and died in our Revolitionary War were fighting for FREEDOM. They just wanted to be shed of King George and his tyrannies, small and large. That’s why heroes like Kosziusko, Lafayette and vonStuebben came here to fight. That’s why, a few years later, France followed suit.
    That we are having so many problems now – riots, deaths and destruction – is because too many Americans younger than 30 were either never taught or never bothered to learn our history.

  • Frank Campo says:

    Need to topple the animals that tear down statues.

  • LST says:

    Those so-called “protesters ” should be shot. They’re worthless hoodlum terrorists.

  • Matt says:

    They didn’t know his history, they didn’t care. They just wanted to destroy and smash. Perhaps George Soros should have given them better training?

  • Silver eagle says:

    I suspect things will improve if Trump wins a second term. If he loses the election, then Belize will look better and better…

  • skillet56 says:

    It’s always interesting that many people from other countries have more respect for the USA than even some of its citizens.

  • CF