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As the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump heats up, the majority of Americans still believe he will be re-elected.

56% of voters, including 35% of Democrats believe the president will be re-elected next November. Additionally, 85% of Republicans and 51% of Independent voters also believe Trump will secure another four years in the White House, according to a poll published Wednesday from Politico.

The poll was conducted less than a week after House Democrats formalized their impeachment inquiry into the president. The poll was conducted from Nov. 1-3, and polled 1,983 registered voters, with a margin of error of roughly 2%.

Even with the vast majority of voters anticipating Trump’s re-election, the president’s approval ratings remain low. The poll showed only 41% of voters approving of the job Trump is doing, with 55% disapproving. Still, recent polling suggests that the president is well positioned to carry key swing states in 2020 despite his low approval ratings.

A recent poll showed Trump leading the two Democratic front-runners, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Iowa. Other polls have shown the president leading Warren in several battleground states such as Michigan, Florida, and North Carolina, while falling within the margin of error in those states against Biden.

  • Evangeline says:

    The true polls have been showing Trump to win by a landslide. And that doesn’t even count the millions of “closet Trumpers”, the ones who won’t admit to their friends that they support Trump. I know many. To take polls now in the midst of the Dems latest lynching doesn’t reflect the true support he will have after this AGAIN is proven to be another witch hunt.

  • Joe says:

    I pray to GOD that he does. IF he doesn’t this country IS DOOMED as we once knew it !!!!!

  • Kev says:

    When pollsters call me, I always tell them I am voting for all Democrats,
    And I Think President Trump is doing horrible job, and he should be impeached when they ask these questions.
    Love to screw up the Democrat Polls. Let the Democrats think they have this election in the bag, so we can watch them Cry Uncontrollable on Election Night, just like Hillary did! LOL
    It’s going to put many in mental institutions!

  • Margie says:

    Republicans need to be watching local races also. George Soros is pouring millions into local, state and national elections, and probably has come up with more ways to commit voter-and election fraud. All these mail in ballots coming from people that live in multiple states. It happened last year in our Local election! Beware of Deceitful
    Lying Democrat Communist!

  • CF