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President Donald Trump taunted the press on Saturday while meeting with bikers who supported his presidency.

Nearly 200 Bikers for Trump arrived on their motorcycles to meet the president during his stay at his Bedminster club in New Jersey. The White House press corps was allowed to take pictures of the event.

Reportedly comprised of military veterans, law enforcement officers and members of the 100k-strong Bikers for Trump fan group, the bikers expressed great joy at meeting their president but not so much joy at meeting the press, who also attended the event to photograph it.

Watch their unified response as Trump asked, “Do you think the media is fair?”



Good answer. Instead of interviewing the bikers to learn more about them and why they support the president, the press wasted the opportunity pestering Trump with irrelevant questions about former aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s contradictory claims.

The bikers reportedly responded to the nonsense by chanting “tell the truth” and “we want Fox News!” Good choice.

Because of rainy weather, the event reportedly started inside the resort’s club house ballroom. After the rain leveled off, everybody went outside again.

While outside, everyone — including the president — recited the Pledge of Allegiance:



It’s a good thing no NFL players were present. Their disrespectful national anthem protests would not have been appreciated.

The bikers weren’t interested in humoring petty grievances. They wanted to meet their president and celebrate his stunning accomplishments, including his reduction of the unemployment rate.

The best part of the event was when the president called for the bikers to rev their engines: “Let’s hear those engines now!” he reportedly shouted.

The president also spent some time signing autographs and posing for photographs.

During the presidential election two years ago, Bikers for Trump wholeheartedly endorsed Trump for president. The group has remained active since then, doing their part to rev up support for the president’s successful agenda and stand up to the raging left.

“When Donald Trump won, all these protesters started coming out even more than they did during the campaign. So we were needed,” the group’s founder and leader, Chris Cox, said to The Washington Times last year.

“I got about a four- or five-day break before I realized I wasn’t going to be able to go anywhere. I was in too deep, and we had to keep it going. He needed us,” he added, referencing what happened immediately after Trump’s election victory.

President Trump posted on Twitter: “Bikers for Trump at Bedminster earlier today. Thank you!”

  • Dean Perry says:

    Nazis on bikes… nice going, Spanky!
    So Harley Davidson is staying in the USA after all???

    • Duane E. Pettengill says:

      WTF has Harley Davidson got to do with this? The bikers are supporting the President not what they ride and all of them don’t ride Harley’s!

    • Tim Woolsey says:

      I am a biker and I support the President. Are you calling me a nazi? Like to see you do that to my face you coward. But that would not happen because you won’t come out from you computer where you are perfectly safe to call people names. You have something to say Dean Perry, say it to me!

      • SickofBullshitLiberals says:

        You said it Tim! Real big boys behind computer screens, aren’t they? Lmao.

        Love to see them piss themselves when confronted in real life.

    • Mike Dar says:

      Lol! What next? They are Russians, lolol!

  • Art says:

    Show me one other President that would do this.

  • President Trump is truly America’s president . God Bless the U.S.A.

  • Sandy says:

    Hope the Bikers For Trump will join us next month:

  • Kamkoz says:

    Keep riding free and keeping it real boys. See you on the next Toy run!

    A lot of people don’t know this, but those “big bad bikers” donate a majority of their money and time running rallies for sick and under privileged kids, who’s parents are strapped for money, because their children are either stricken with cancer, or multiple sclerosis.

    If you ever get into a situation where you need help, a biker will be the first one to stop.

    Never discount one of the guys, they may be the person that stops a pervert from stealing your child from a Walmart parking lot, or be there to change an elderly person’s flat tire.

    Just because they dress in leather, prevention of road rash, and have tats, many of which were gotten when they served in the military, doesn’t mean they are trashy people.

  • CF