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President Trump Celebrated Bastille Day And A 100 Year Anniversary Of American Soldiers Entering France In WWI



President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania visited Paris today, to celebrate Bastille Day with French President Macron, his spouse, and whole French nation. This visit was also dedicated to celebrating 100 year anniversary of American soldiers joining France in WWI. During this year celebration, President Trump and his wife Melania, are invited as guests of honor.

Today was a great day for the parade. A large number of French citizens, maybe tens of thousands, were lined on the streets of the Champs-Elysées from l’Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde.

President Trump is surely one of the greatest admirers of our military, and he truly loves his country. We can see his patriotic feeling and pride in his eyes when American troops approached close by on grand parade. And you must see what he did…

That’s correct, he shows his respect by saluting our troops. And he doesn’t do this as a part of a ritual, but to show his respect and honor to men and women of our military.

Most of the media just showed a brief shot of President Trump saluting, as he was putting his hand down. As a matter of fact, the President held his salute until all the troops were passing by. This is amazing!

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  • Elaine Gail Conger says:

    I grew up trusting that ALL American Presidents would show respect and honor the position of Commander and Chief of ou
    wonderful country. President Trump is showing great courage in the face of unimaginable antagonizm and disregard for himself and for this nation we all share. My faith in our founding principles is renewed when I observe the tenderness and dignity he displays at such times as this. It also breaks at the ugliness twisting and distorting and mocking of our elected leader by an uninformed and untaught group whose personal power has been threatened by the quiet people of this land.

  • Marianna DOSSENBAC says:

    Our P
    Evident Trump is just wonderful, love him.

  • Frank Martinez says:

    Awesome to see our troops parading, it make me feel a National pride, I just wonder why we don’t have our troops march in our parades, like for the Fourth of July if at anytime that would be a great day for our troops to march on our streets throughout the united states.
    I remember as a child I would see our Military march in our parade for Labor day. I hope they we will see them again soon, Now that we have a President for the the people.

  • Missy B says:

    Our President gets it !! God Bless America…

  • Pat Morrison says:

    Thank God for our President Trump. Sick and tired of hearing what Obama the traitor wouldn’t do. Obama needs executed. You need to quit these playground squabbles, execute or send to Guatonomo Bay. And get on with making America Great Again.

  • candy wright says:

    I am so proud he is our President!!!

  • CF