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President Donald Trump signed the CARES Act on Friday, an approximately $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package, at the White House.

“I never signed anything with a ‘T’ on it,” Trump said, referring to the cost of the bill.

The president signed just hours after the House passed the bill by voice vote, allowing members of Congress to remain away from Washington, DC, to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The legislation is approximately 880 pages long.

“I want to thank Republicans and Democrats for putting their differences aside and putting America first,” Trump said.

The president called for a massive relief package last week to help the economy survive the massive economic shutdown as a result of the coronavirus restrictions.

The bill will give direct payments of up to $3,400 for a typical family of four for many Americans, offer small business loans to help maintain payroll, fund hospitals fighting the virus, provide expanded unemployment insurance, and offer major assistance for industries affected by the outbreak.

“This will deliver urgently needed relief to our nation’s families, workers, and businesses,” Trump said. “And that’s what this is all about.”

Trump noted that the bill would not allow corporate recipients of the funds to use the money for stock buybacks and would limit bonuses to corporate executives.

“We’re going to keep our small businesses strong and our big businesses strong,” he said. “And that’s keeping our country strong and our jobs strong.”

  • Deanne says:

    After Trump is reelected & we win back the house president trump will take care of the pork dems added to this crisis bill that had nothing to do with this crisis. Hospitals, Dr.s & nurses needed what republicans put into the bill NOW to care for those infected and find a cure not to mention families running out of money & food for their families.. DEMS WOULDN’T BUDGE OR NEGOTIATE so PRESIDENT TRUMP did what he needed to for now because it was more important .. Trump WILL take care of the pork after he’s reelected and we win the house back in November which isn’t far away and his executive power will be stronger than ever…
    PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NO DUMMY & KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING FOR AMERICANS which shows how IMPORTANT it is that we win back the house & Trump is reelected.

  • Pat says:

    TOO MUCH PORK in this bill!!

  • deprogramming services says:

    The liberal cult has a greed for power so deep it held the American people hostage until at least some of its demands were met. But understand that this is only the beginning; these traitors will squeeze ever dollar and every bit of power they can get out of this panic.

    Remember the old liberal saying: never let a crisis go to waste.

  • CF