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On Saturday, during the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec, President Trump took questions from the press after a brief speech. Considering recent events, many of the questions were about tariffs, trade, and Russia.

One reporter began to ask the president a question: “As you were heading into these G7 talks, there was a sense that America’s closest allies were frustrated with you and angry with you, and that you were angry with them, and that you were leaving here early to go meet for more friendlier talks with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. And I’m wondering if you –”

Trump interjected: “[It’s] well put.”

The reporter continued: “If you view it the same way. And do you view the U.S. alliance system shifting under your presidency, away –”

The president once again interjected, asking:

Who are you with, out of curiosity?

The reporter said that he was with CNN, to which Trump replied:

I figured. Fake News CNN. The worst. But I could tell by the [question]. I had no idea you were CNN. After the question, I was just curious as to who you were with. You were with CNN.

The president then answered the CNN reporter’s question, once again calling them “fake”:

I would say that the level of relationship is a 10. We have a great relationship. Angela and Emmanuel and Justin. I would say the relationship is a 10. And I don’t blame them. I blame – as I said, I blame our past leaders for allowing this to happen. There was no reason this should happen. There’s no reason that we should have big trade deficits with virtually every country in the world. I’m going long beyond the G7. There’s no reason for this…

No, we have a very good relationship, and I don’t blame these people, but I will blame them if they don’t act smart and do what they have to do because they have no choice. I’ll be honest with you, they have no choice…

Now, we are gonna fix that situation. And if it’s not fixed, we’re not gonna deal with these countries. But the relationship that I’ve had is great. So you can tell that to your fake friends at CNN.

  • EddieInFL says:

    Maybe the MSM should send some of their WH reporters back to school–starting with economics. None of them have any credentials to even ask the questions they think they are asking. A bunch of ILLITERATE “fake news” seekers.

  • Sal Belardo says:

    CNN viewership is down to 800,000 in the whole USA! Why keep them on the air? For comic relief?
    Will have a party when they are off the air and your all invited!

    • judy says:

      CNN cartoon news network…..what a bunch of liars…I am coming to your party when they smash….thanks for the invite.

  • larry says:

    well said Mr President bet the fake news wont report on the massive tariffs these countries charge us the president needs to point this out at every press conference

  • Garvin says:

    Trump flies rings around these people. He is a true hawk, when are people going to give him credit!!!

  • Randy says:

    What difference does it make about his attending the Global Warming part of the conference? It’s another hoax to steal money from the US. Trump isn’t going to make our country part of the deal. It steals more from the US, than other countries. I’m sure the leaders have people in their governments making billions off the US with selling carbon offsets. A few years back, it was the biggest commodity traded on the foreign markets. What has any of the money been used for to correct their carbon offsets. Nothing They sit there like it’s a global tax and we pay the vast majority of the money. It’s a HOAX and nothing else. IT was proven a hoax several years ago, by intercepted emails by the so called experts telling on themselves. Nothing was ever done to the people committing the fraud. I’m not sure what happened to the class action law suit against Al Gore by 3,000 climate scientist for committing fraud. They probably had some activist judge throw it out for lack of merit.

  • keren says:

    Long before Trump was president I never believed the news on CNN. They have been misrepresenting the news to the middle east for decades and getting away with it…. For the first time they are being called out for their BS and it’s about time. Thanks to Trump he is throwing their BS right back in their faces….I have no sympathy for them….

  • Tammy says:

    Do you think we could vote out EVERY SINGLE democrat? I would join a movement to try! Maybe more on the down low so dems dont see it coming!

  • CF