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President Donald Trump berated Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) on Friday, demanding the Republicans throw him out of the party for obstructing the massive coronavirus rescue package.

“WIN BACK HOUSE, but throw Massie out of Republican Party!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The president described the famous Republican libertarian as a “third rate Grandstander” who was obstructing the bill.

“He just wants the publicity. He can’t stop it, only delay, which is both dangerous and costly,” Trump wrote.

Massie is expected to force a roll call vote in Congress on the $2 trillion emergency funding bill, requiring members of Congress to rush back to Washington instead of passing the bill unanimously by a voice vote.

If Massie demands a quorum, 216 members of Congress are needed to return to Washington to pass the bill.

The Kentucky congressman shared an image of text from the Constitution on Thursday, suggesting that he would demand a quorum.

It appears that Massie believes that members of Congress should be required to record a vote on one of the biggest spending bills in the history of the country.

But Trump described him as a “disaster for America” for holding up the vote.

Massie also reportedly called the White House on Friday morning to discuss his position but it is unclear whether they spoke.

  • Evangeline says:

    I know there are Rep. comments I’ve seen that support Massie but I do not!!! Stand with your team and your country during a crisis!!!! People need this money to survive! I’m sure we have a lot of money no one’s thinking of from all the sanctions Trump has put on all these countries. So all you futurists and doomers, enough already. The national debt has been building since 1790 and it will continue to till the Lord comes back.

    • Wilson says:

      He is a libertarian so that should tell you his loyalties are not fully to the Republican Party. Why Trump said toss him out.

  • Wilson says:

    Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, said his colleagues who voted to pass a $2.2 trillion economic relief bill on Friday want to hide their support of the massive spending package.

    Massie attempted to call a roll-call vote of the economic relief bill on Friday, but his move was defeated after being outnumbered by lawmakers who came to the House chamber to urge passage of the measure.

    Party leaders had to summon 216 lawmakers to the floor and gallery in order to constitute a quorum and defeat Massie’s roll-call demand. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, had to eat up floor time as they waited for lawmakers to arrive.

    “Well, they didn’t even give me a minute to speak in the four-hour debate. There’s a big cover-up in there. They’re trying to cover up their votes,” Massie told reporters. “They had enough people there to pass the bill, but they still refused to have a recorded vote. And they told me they were trying to protect members.”

    “I came here this week to make sure our republic doesn’t die in an empty chamber by unanimous consent. These people need to do their job. If you’re telling people to drive a truck, they’re telling people to bag groceries and grow their food,” he added. “They didn’t do a thing yesterday. They were trying to say this would delay it to have a recorded vote. The truth is they don’t want a recorded vote. They don’t want to be on record of making the biggest mistake in history.”

    The bill now heads to President Trump, who earlier criticized Massie as “a third-rate grandstander.”

    Massie jokingly responded, “I’m at least second-rate.”

  • Intellectual Impaler says:

    I sort of agree with Massie about a recorded vote but also against it because of the current health situation and isolation. But also AOC was wanting a recorded vote but her purpose was to use it as campaign fodder to oust people who voted for “slush fund welfare of corporations”. As if her Green Deal wouldn’t be a slush fund for her corporations of choice.

  • CF