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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters Wednesday morning that Democrats believe that President Donald Trump is “engaged in a cover-up.” The president responded by walking out of a scheduled meeting with Democrats and reportedly declaring that he could not work with them as long as the investigations continued.

Her remarks came following a meeting with House Democrats whose calls to impeach Trump have continued to grow, CNN reported.

Pelosi, who has said repeatedly that she does not want to start the impeachment process, told reporters:

It was a very positive meeting, a respectful sharing of ideas. And, I think, a very impressive presentation by our chairs. We do believe that it’s important for, to follow the facts. We believe that no one is above the law, including the President of the United States, and we believe that the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up — in a cover-up, and that was the nature of the meeting.

Trump responded to Pelosi’s remarks in an impromptu news conference in the Rose Garden at the White House.

“I don’t do cover-ups,” Trump told reporters.

Trump abruptly ended the infrastructure talks shortly before his news conference where he told reporters that he had hoped to have a productive meeting with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

“So, I came here to do a meeting on infrastructure with Democrats, not really thinking they wanted to do infrastructure or anything other than investigate,” the president said. “I just saw that Nancy Pelosi, just before our meeting made a statement that we believe that the president of the United States is involved in a cover-up.”

“Well, it turns out I’m the most — and I think most of you would agree to this — I’m the most transparent president probably in the history of this country,” Trump continued. “And instead of walking in happily into a meeting, I walk in to look at people that had just said that I was doing a cover-up. I don’t do cover-ups.”

Trump said there was nothing to discuss until Democrats “get these phony investigations over with.”

New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers reported that the president refused to shake hands with anyone when he entered the room and said he will not work with Democrats until they end their investigations.

“Per person familiar with what happened in the room before this Rose Garden presser: POTUS did not sit down or shake anyone’s hand,” Rogers wrote. “He told Dems that ‘once your investigation is done — we can talk about these things.’ And then he left the room before anyone else could speak.”

The president reminded reporters again that the Robert Mueller report had concluded that he had not colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“We’ve had investigations like nobody has seen before,” Trump said. “They were out to get us. … There is no collusion — no collusion with Russia.”

Trump said Democrats were disappointed that the investigation that cost more than $35 million cleared him of the accusations.

He called the 2 1/2 years of investigation “a takedown attempt of the president of the United States.”

“Actually, the crime was committed on the other side,” he said.

  • Michael says:

    Good for you, Mr. President! But if you really want these bullshit investigations to stop, there’s only one way to do it. I know you want to focus on doing things for the country, but now you have to go after the Democrats and take them down! They are the reason the Deep State exists, and they are NEVER going to stop as long as you’re in office. Strike back! Appoint your own special counsel if you have to and have him start his own investigations in addition to the ones AG Barr is conducting. And as the investigations unfold and evidence is uncovered, declassify all the materials you’ve been saving, so the whole country can see it all. Then make sure each and every one of them is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and show no mercy to any of them! Believe me, this is the only way this bullshit will end, and when it’s all said and done, it will be one of the greatest things you could have done for this country, getting rid of the corruption and the deep state, and ensuring truth and justice are restored to our country.

  • Terrence King says:

    President Trump has a phone and a pen. He doesn’t need Demoncrats!

  • Bj says:

    I love this man. I would have paid $1000 to see that wrinkled up old crypt keeper’s face when he said that. I bet Nasty Nan and Crusty Chuckie were beside themselves. They’re used to getting their way with all the other puzzy republicans. Way to go Trump…..AM SO DAMN PROUD OF YOU although I would have done one final thing when walking out the door as I looked back at the two maggots (they deserve no respect) and that is…….

  • Doug says:

    Pelvis said she prays for Pres Trump…The bible sais a double mined person is unstable in all their ways.. She is nothing but a phoney..

  • Cathy says:

    It’s easy to see how this was the best response to Pelosi possible.

    If Kim Jong Un talked trash about Trump before their meeting, Trump would cancel.

    It’s a bad faith move. Probably intended to piss him off, and it worked…but she’ll be sorry. Wrong move for the country.

  • Frank Campo says:

    The Democraps sure didn’t want to do any investigating when Trump and Clinton were in office. But, all brain diseased liberals stick together.

  • CF