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President Trump received accolades earlier this week from the pro-life group Hosea Initiative for advocating pro-life values throughout his presidency.

“The Hosea Initiative officially awarded President Trump their first Bernard N. Nathanson, MD ‘Courageous Witness for Life’ Award at their gala in Washington, D.C. on Sunday,” reports The Christian Post. “The award was named after a medical professional who founded the National Abortion Rights Action League in 1969, but later became an outspoken pro-life activist.”

Dr. Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, accepted the award on Trump’s behalf, praising those present at the ceremony for their courage.

“This is obviously something that is very near and dear to my heart as a physician spending so much time working on little babies,” said Carson.

The physician then shared a story about a woman with whom his wife had worked who almost aborted her child. “Now she’s a beautiful, articulate, completely independent young person, and that’s why no one will ever convince me that what is in a mother’s womb is a meaningless bunch of cells,” said Carson.

LifeNews highlighted some of the anti-abortion measures President Trump has enacted while in office:

In one of his first acts as president, he reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits taxpayer funding to international groups that promote or provide abortions overseas. The change defunded Planned Parenthood’s international arm of about $100 million in U.S. tax dollars.

Trump and his administration have made a number of changes to protect those who morally object to abortions, expanding conscience protections for pro-life medical workers and increasing religious exemptions for Obamacare.

His administration also intervened to stop the United Nations from supporting abortion in a resolution about sexual violence. In 2018, under his leadership, the State Department removed references to the so-called “right” to abort an unborn baby from a global human rights report as well.

On July 4 of this year, the largest pro-life group in the United States, the National Right to Life Committee, endorsed Trump for president come 2020.

“From his first day in office, President Trump and his Administration have been dedicated to advancing policies that protect the fundamental right to life for the unborn, the elderly, and the medically dependent and disabled,” said NRLC President Carol Tobias in a statement at the time.

Trump also made history by becoming the first president to ever address the March for Life, and he claimed to be “proud” of having done so.

“Today, tens of thousands of families, students, and patriots, and really just great citizens, gather here in our nation’s capital,” Trump said in the 2018 Rose Garden speech.

“You come from many backgrounds, many places, but you all come for one beautiful cause: to build a society where life is celebrated, protected, and cherished. The March for Life is a movement born out of love. You love your families, you love your neighbors, you love our nation, and you love every child, born and unborn, because you believe that every life is sacred, that every child is a precious gift from God.”

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