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Democrats are bending over backward trying to make the case that mail-in voting is perfectly safe and great.

First off, we don’t need mail-in voting. If Democrats’ precious masks work so great, everyone will be safe and sound at the voting booth, right?

I mean, let’s face it: If I can stand in line at germ-filled Sam’s Club with eight zillion people for 30 minutes, I can certainly stand in line to vote.

Besides that obvious fact, mail-in voting is a scam just waiting to happen, which is why the Democrats are pushing for it. They know they have a candidate who is one sneeze away from Alzheimer’s for whom most people will not go stand in line to vote.

Mail-in voting is their only hope—easy to rig and it might pull them a few extra legit votes to boot.

But you can’t trust this process, and pro-Trump actress Kirstie Alley brought up a great point to which every single person can relate.

Kirstie points out that at her home now, she still gets mail for the previous owners who lived there 16 years ago.

That has happened to me too—who hasn’t experienced this at one time or another? So you can imagine how many “extra” ballots people will be receiving all over the country. It will be an absolute sh*t show.

Here’s what Kirstie said: “I still receive mail from the previous owners from 16 years ago! One is dead ,the other lives in a different state. Presidential voting should be by legal absentee ballots or in person with ID & proof of citizenship. Why is this so HARD to comprehend? Rhetorical question.”

It’s funny, because, during John Lewis’s funeral, Barack Obama told a room full of people that “rooms full of people” are not safe, and that’s why we need mail-in voting.

That doesn’t jibe.

If we can go to grocery stores, and work, and all of these people can gather and “protest” or “riot,” then decent and responsible Americans can get out of their houses and go vote for president of the United States of America.

As Kirstie asks, “Why is this so HARD to comprehend?”

Well, the reason why, Kirstie, is because the Democrats are desperate to win and will do anything —including cheating— to make it happen.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    End the mask & social distance hoax & joke, Get OUT & Vote.
    If we can shop among others, we can Vote AGREE the Kirstie Hoorah

  • Virginia says:

    Now I remeover why I always liked her! Right on Kirstie!

  • Defend America says:

    If I have ever heard a honest to goodness truth this is it. Three times while at the voting booth my vote was changed, I had to get an person in charge to correct the vote before I would hit the confirm button. I have many fall outs with the Postal service because of not delivering my mail or receiving other peoples mail still goin g on till this day. Mail in voting is the biggest joke of all times and the best way for voter fraud.

    Protesters…Rioters and gigantic funerals are a whole lot more likely to spread the virus than voting at the polls.

  • Eric B says:

    I’m getting voters guides and the mail in voting pamphlets from the gal that lived in my house over 20 years ago! Plus Public Storage late notices from a couple here before, and I just had my 10th anniversary in my house. Go figure…

  • JayJay says:

    Cheating isn’t a new thing for Demonrats. In 2012 one precinct in Pennsylvania(I think that was the state – some eastern state) had more people vote for Obama than registered in that precinct. And in another state everyone registered there voted for Obama.

  • Brian Rushfeldt says:

    Chief editor , i love your line “one sneeze away from Alzheimer’s..” but that is not accurate – he already had that sniff about 10 months ago.

  • CF