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Protests erupted in Roxboro, North Carolina, after police shot and killed a black man on last Friday, but some of the criticism was quelled after police released the dash cam video of the incident.

Police said that they had responded to a report of a man walking with what looked like a shotgun when they encountered David Brooks Jr., 45, near a Dollar General store.

Six minutes later, the man was dead after being shot by police. Police recovered a loaded sawed-off shotgun at the scene. No police were injured in the altercation, and none of the responding officers had body cameras.

“We want justice”

A cousin of Brooks disputed the police account in a statement to WRAL-TV.

“He walked the road every day. He don’t bother anybody. He don’t start no trouble or nothing,” he said. “He probably had one of those guns he had on his chest. It was visible. He wouldn’t hurt nobody, though.

Tanillya Partridge, another cousin of Brooks, had a message for the police.

“You shoot my cousin in the street like a dog. We want justice,” she said. “We are not going to stop until we get justice for David Brooks because he never hurt anybody.”

Accusations of racism and other claims were leveled at the officers, often based on rumors.

“We want justice. We want honesty,” Vee Monique, a protest organizer said. “We understand that the people that are in office, that are in the police department, are in cahoots, so we might have to take this over their heads, if possible.”

Police later said that Brooks had only been shot once through the chest. They also said that Brooks had pointed the sawed off shotgun at them before they shot him.

Dash cam video released

On Wednesday, the police released the dash cam of the incident that protesters were demanding. That video can be seen here.

The video showed police attempting to talk to Brooks, who appeared to raise his gun and point at them. One shot can be seen striking Brooks before he falls to the ground.

Also on Wednesday, members of the Black Panthers marched to the spot where Brooks was killed by police. Brooks’ brother told a WNCN reporter that he had been a “cadet” in the Black Panthers.

  • James Curry says:

    Misleading HEADLINE!!!! There is NO DASH CAM VIDEO in this story yet the headline reads there is!!!! WHAT GIVES????

  • Ed says:

    Typical blacks. They don’t care about facts when big screen TVs are just waiting to be looted. ‘He was shot in the back 6 times’, says the stupid asshole who wasn’t even there. The guy pointed a gun at cops, but these racist assholes will argue that ‘he be innocent. He won’t gunna shoot no body. He be minding his own bidness’. Same fucking story, different day. They’re always innocent blacks that get shot. Yeah right. People with a brain and eyes know better.

  • Beto says:

    Did you ever notice that there is always a fat white woman leading the protests? I saw the video of the shooting. He pointed the shotgun at the cops before they fired.

  • CF