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During the final presidential debate, Democratic nominee Joe Biden brushed off the evolving scandal of his son Hunter Biden’s “smoking gun” emails by claiming the entire scandal was “a Russian plant.” Even at that time, many sources had effectively debunked the claim that the scandal was “Russian disinformation.” Yet the final nail in that coffin came on Sunday, when the president of Russia himself, Vladimir Putin, covered for Joe Biden.

“Yes, in Ukraine he [Hunter Biden] had or maybe still has a business, I don’t know. It doesn’t concern us. It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians,” Putin said, Reuters reported.

“But well yes he had at least one company, which he practically headed up, and judging from everything he made good money. I don’t see anything criminal about this, at least we don’t know anything about this [being criminal],” the Russian president said.

Reuters suggested that the remarks seem “an attempt to try to curry favour with the Biden camp.” The Russian president has praised Trump in the past and he attacked Biden’s “sharp anti-Russian rhetoric,” but Putin also pledged that he will work with whichever candidate wins the U.S. presidential election.

Reuters also claimed that “No evidence has been verified to support the allegations” of the Hunter Biden emails scandal. On the contrary, the balance of evidence strongly supports the scandal, especially after Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, came forward and offered his phones to the FBI and to a Senate committee.

The Hunter Biden email scandal

While Joe Biden served as the Obama administration’s point person on Ukraine, his son Hunter — who had no experience in fossil fuels — was named to the board of a notoriously corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma. The VP’s son reportedly raked in $83,000 each month for the gig. Later, his father pressured the president of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who says he was investigating Burisma at the time.

The new emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, first reported by The New York Post, appear to demonstrate that Joe Biden met with a Burisma executive months before he pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor.

When Biden was also Obama’s point person on China, Hunter Biden entered into many lucrative deals with the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese state-owned businesses. Hunter’s deals arguably endangered American military and nuclear secrets, and the Obama administration went soft on China at the time.

Bobulinski claimed that Joe Biden was involved with Hunter Biden on the Chinese deals, and he presented his own devices as evidence.

“Russian disinformation”

Democrats and former intelligence officials pushed the “Russian disinformation” narrative shortly after The New York Post published its bombshell story — which Facebook and Twitter rushed to suppress.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), notorious for pushing the narrative that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election, claimed that “this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin.”

Many former intelligence officials wrote a letter claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop and the emails it revealed seem to be Russian disinformation, though they acknowledged they “do not have evidence” to prove that claim. Much of the legacy media appears to have overlooked that pesky little caveat, running with the claims that the story is likely false.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe rebutted this claim, as did the FBI and the Department of Justice. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) claims his staff independently confirmed the veracity of the laptop, and paperwork for the laptop appears to bear Hunter Biden’s signature.

The Biden campaign has not directly claimed that the laptop and the emails are a fabrication, instead merely repeating the argument that the whole scandal is a “Russian plant.”

During the debate, Biden cited the former intelligence officials’ letter as if it were concrete proof the entire Hunter Biden scandal was a “Russian plant.”

Trump expertly mocked Biden’s baseless assertion.

“You mean the laptop is now another Russia! Russia! Russia! hoax?” Trump asked, flabbergasted. “Is this where you’re going? The laptop is Russia! Russia! Russia!? You’ve got to be kidding. Here we go again with Russia.”

If the Hunter Biden email scandal truly were a Russian plant, why would Vladimir Putin undercut his own efforts by covering for Hunter Biden? Why not just avoid the issue?

Democrats need to get their story straight. If Russia has cooked up this scandal, why did Putin defend Hunter Biden? Is the Russian president merely performing a head-fake? Is Putin lying? Or maybe, just maybe, could it possibly be the case that Hunter Biden really is corrupt and Joe Biden really was involved?

The “Russian disinformation” argument never was plausible, and it seems Democrats are running out of ways to make this scandal disappear.

  • Sharon says:

    Another post that Facebook will not let you share!

  • LST says:

    Biden for prison!!!

  • Edward L. Finley says:

    Facebook is blocking the Sharing of this article! You must have struck a nerve. Getting too close to the truth.

  • TagPat49 says:

    Only one question … has not the Bidens’ Ukrainian Prosecutor, been contacted and interviewed as yet? If so, why not?

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Wow Putin covers for Biden?
    Had to give much $$ for Putin to do that
    So Dems & Commies DO MIx
    Pinko Commies is true

  • John says:

    Joe Biden doesn’t qualify for a security clearance, Joe Biden has no Allegiance to the US and should be considered a threat!

    The Clearance Adjudicative Process.
    (a) The adjudicative process is an examination of a sufficient period of a person’s life to make an affirmative determination that the person is an acceptable security risk. Eligibility for access to classified information is predicated upon the individual meeting these personnel security guidelines. The adjudication process is the careful weighing of a number of variables known as the whole-person concept. Available, reliable information about the person, past and present, favorable and unfavorable, should be considered in reaching a determination. In evaluating the relevance of an individual’s conduct, the adjudicator should consider the following factors:
    (1) The nature, extent, and seriousness of the conduct;
    (2) the circumstances surrounding the conduct, to include knowledgeable participation;
    (3) the frequency and recency of the conduct;
    (4) the individual’s age and maturity at the time of the conduct;
    (5) the extent to which participation is voluntary;
    (6) the presence or absence of rehabilitation and other permanent behavioral changes;
    (7) the motivation for the conduct;
    (8) the potential for pressure, coercion, exploitation, or duress; and
    (9) the likelihood of continuation or recurrence.
    (b) Each case must be judged on its own merits, and final determination remains the responsibility of the specific department or agency. Any doubt concerning personnel being considered for access to classified information will be resolved in favor of the national security.
    (c) The ability to develop specific thresholds for action under these guidelines is limited by the nature and complexity of human behavior. The ultimate determination of whether the granting or continuing of eligibility for a security clearance is clearly consistent with the interests of national security must be an overall common sense judgment based upon careful consideration of the following guidelines, each of which is to be evaluated in the context of the whole person.
    (1) GUIDELINE A: Allegiance to the United States;
    (2) GUIDELINE B: Foreign Influence;
    (3) GUIDELINE C: Foreign Preference;
    (4) GUIDELINE D: Sexual Behavior;
    (5) GUIDELINE E: Personal Conduct;
    (6) GUIDELINE F: Financial Considerations;
    (7) GUIDELINE G: Alcohol Consumption;
    (8) GUIDELINE H: Drug Involvement;
    (9) GUIDELINE I: Psychological Conditions;
    (10) GUIDELINE J: Criminal Conduct;
    (11) GUIDELINE K: Handling Protected Information;
    (12) GUIDELINE L: Outside Activities;
    (13) GUIDELINE M: Use of Information Technology Systems
    (d) Although adverse information concerning a single criterion may not be sufficient for an unfavorable determination, the individual may be disqualified if available information reflects a recent or recurring pattern of questionable judgment, irresponsibility, or emotionally unstable behavior. Notwithstanding the whole-person concept, pursuit of further investigation may be terminated by an appropriate adjudicative agency in the face of reliable, significant, disqualifying, adverse information.
    (e) When information of security concern becomes known about an individual who is currently eligible for access to classified information, the adjudicator should consider whether the person:
    (1) voluntarily reported the information;
    (2) was truthful and complete in responding to questions;
    (3) sought assistance and followed professional guidance, where appropriate;
    (4) resolved or appears likely to favorably resolve the security concern:
    (5) has demonstrated positive changes in behavior and employment;
    (6) should have his or her access temporarily suspended pending final adjudication of the information.
    (f) If after evaluating information of security concern, the adjudicator decides that the information is not serious enough to warrant a recommendation of disapproval or revocation of the security clearance, it may be appropriate to recommend approval with a warning that future incidents of a similar nature may result in revocation of access.

  • CF


    Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Review of 22 Dominion Voting Machines, Giuliani Says



    A judge in Antrim County, Michigan, has authorized a forensic audit of 22 Dominion Voting Systems machines, according to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

    “BIG WIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS,” the former New York City Mayor wrote on Twitter on Dec. 4. “This is where the untrustworthy Dominion machine flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Spiking of votes by Dominion happened all over the state.”

    It is unclear which of the several election lawsuits the order originated from. The public dockets in four of the major election lawsuits in Michigan did not feature an order Giuliani described. Giuliani did not immediately respond to an emailed request for clarification.

    Giuliani’s reference to a Dominion machine flipping votes is disputed by both Michigan election officials and Dominion. The Michigan Secretary of State’s office said the votes were flipped due to a human error by an Antrim county clerk.

    Allegations about vote manipulation through the abuse of Dominion machines figure prominently in the election lawsuits filed by former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, who is not a part of the legal team representing President Donald Trump in a number of post-election lawsuits. Dominion has denied all of the allegations.

    The judge’s order is the first known instance of a green light for the Trump team to examine the Dominion machines.

    A judge in Nevada has previously granted the team access to a signature matching machine made by a different company. In that case, the campaign complained that while the judge granted a forensic review, the campaign was given what amounted to a “guided tour” instead.

    The Michigan GOP on Friday raised concerns about a memo sent by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson that “is pushing for the mass deletion of election data,” although a spokesperson for the secretary’s office later said the process is routine.

    The GOP said Benson’s office told clerks in Michigan counties to “delete Electronic Poll Book software and associated files” amid calls to audit the election while flagging it was concerning.

    Giuliani testified before Michigan lawmakers on Wednesday, telling them that they are the final arbiters of the election.

    Giuliani said he was not asking the legislators to hand the state’s 16 Electoral College votes—currently certified for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden—to Trump. Rather, he said, he hoped state legislators would investigate and examine the evidence for themselves.

    “You shouldn’t decide anything based on what I believe,” said Giuliani on Dec. 2, adding that the evidence presented at the hearing was “just a sample.”

    “There’s a plethora of evidence that you can go through that will convince you that this election was stolen,” said Giuliani. “I would ask you to go through that.”

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    Lawsuit Requests ‘New Statewide Election’ in Georgia Presidential Contest Over Voter Fraud Allegations



    The Trump campaign filed a new lawsuit in Georgia state court late Friday seeking to invalidate the results of the presidential contest in the Peach State over allegations of voter fraud.

    According to WXIA-TV, Trump’s legal team claims “tens of thousands of illegal votes” were cast in last month’s election. The lawsuit requests the decertification of the state’s election results, and wants the court to “order a new election to be conducted in the presidential race.”

    As alleged evidence of their claims, the lawsuit includes “dozens of signed affidavits from Georgia residents who claimed to have witnessed voter fraud,” WXIA reported.

    The lawsuit also demands that the court direct Georgia’s Republican-controlled state legislature to appoint presidential electors.

    Lead Trump campaign counsel Ray Smith said in a statement:

    What was filed today clearly documents that there are literally tens of thousands of illegal votes that were cast, counted, and included in the tabulations the Secretary of State is preparing to certify. The massive irregularities, mistakes, and potential fraud violate the Georgia Election Code, making it impossible to know with certainty the actual outcome of the presidential race in Georgia.

    The Secretary of State has orchestrated the worst excuse for an election in Georgia history. We are asking the Court to vacate the certification of the presidential election and to order a new statewide election for president. Alternatively, we are asking the Court to enjoin the certification and allow the Georgia legislature to reclaim its duty under the U.S. Constitution to appoint the presidential electors for the state.

    The Trump campaign’s statement explained, “Attached to the complaint are sworn affidavits from dozens of Georgia residents swearing under penalty of perjury to what they witnessed during the election: failure to process and secure the ballots, failure to verify the signatures on absentee ballots, the appearance of mysterious ‘pristine’ absentee ballots not received in official absentee ballot envelopes that were voted almost solely for Joe Biden, failure to allow poll watchers meaningful access to observe the election, among other violations of law.”

    Despite the Trump campaign’s claims, Attorney General William Barr said this week that the Department of Justice has not uncovered credible evidence of voter fraud.

    “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,” Barr said.

    The Georgia secretary of state’s office also has clarified on multiple occasions they have neither seen evidence of voter fraud, WXIA noted.

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    George Soros Appoints Lord Mark Malloch Brown – The Former President of Smartmatic – to Lead Open Society Foundation



    On Saturday afternoon billionaire far left funder George Soros announced new leadership at his Open Society Foundation.

    Lord Mark Malloch Brown, the former UN deputy secretary‐general and UK minister and president of Smartmatic voting systems, will replace Patrick Gaspard at the helm.

    Brown was formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and even the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations when he worked as chief of staff to Kofi Annan.

    Lord Mark Malloch-Brown was also the chairman of Smartmatic.

    The Smartmatic owners, were denounced in June 2004 by the press for having received a US $200,000 equity investment from a Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (BRV) joint venture fund called FONCREI which was a Chavez organization. A Chavez campaign adviser was also placed on the board as well.

    Smartmatic has links with Dominion Voting Systems, the scandalous company used to steal the election for Joe Biden this year.

    So this move by Soros makes sense.

    It was a good year for Soros and his priorities.

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    Alito Responds To Appeal Asking To Block Biden Win In PA



    Justice Samuel Alito agreed on Thursday to review an appeal against the ruling of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that tossed a suit alleging the state’s mail-in voting was unconstitutional.

    Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and other plaintiffs appealed to Alito to block Pennsylvania from certifying the battleground state’s electoral votes for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, according to The Associated Press. The plaintiffs argue that Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting was inherently unconstitutional because it required a constitutional amendment to be authorized.

    Alito set Dec. 9 as the date for state officials to respond. That date is a day after the “safe harbor deadline.” After Dec. 8, Congress cannot challenge any electors named according to state law.

    As The Economist’s Supreme Court correspondent Steve Mazie noted, “Six days from now is an eternity on the electoral clock: Safe-harbor deadline (by which states must confirm results to make them ‘conclusive’) is Dec. 8, electoral college votes on Dec. 14. By the time Kelly files final brief on Dec. 10 or so, the challenge will be moot.”

    Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Saturday to throw out a lower court’s order preventing the state from certifying multiple contests from the Nov. 3 election. “They have failed to allege that even a single mail-in ballot was fraudulently cast or counted,” Justice David Wecht wrote.

    Because Pennsylvania lies within the Third Circuit, which falls under Alito’s jurisdiction, the justice has repeatedly had to rule in the contentious lawsuits alleging widespread voter fraud in the state. Three days after Election Day, he ordered ballots received after Nov. 3 to be segregated. As The Daily Wire reported:

    The United States Supreme Court issued an order late on Friday evening directing that the ballots received in Pennsylvania after Election Day must be segregated from the rest of the ballots and secured — and if counted, counted separately. […]

    “Until today, this Court was not informed that the guidance issued on October 28, which had an important bearing on the question whether to order special treatment of the ballots in question, had been modified,” the Order continued. “The application received today also informs the Court that neither the applicant nor the Secretary has been able to verify that all boards are complying with the Secretary’s guidance, which, it is alleged, is not legally binding on them. I am immediately referring this application to the Conference and direct that any response be filed as soon as possible but in any event no later than 2 p.m. tomorrow, November 7, 2020.”

    The order comes as the Trump campaign is mounting legal cases in Pennsylvania and other states where election results are close and could determine who becomes president. President Donald Trump saw a massive lead in Pennsylvania of hundreds of thousands of votes on election night evaporate as election officials tally up vote-by-mail ballots.

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