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Even royal daughters get scolded by their mom.

Queen Elizabeth II was caught throwing some serious stink eye at her daughter, Princess Anne, for failing to greet President Trump and first lady Melania Trump at Buckingham Palace after the first day of the NATO summit in London.

The 93-year-old Queen was filmed warmly greeting Trump alongside her eldest son, heir to the throne Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla.

After a brief chat, the monarch catches her only daughter standing awkwardly at the doorway, having missed the official greeting line.

The Queen looked over, clearly not amused — with Anne, 69, merely shrugging and trying to laugh off the awkward exchange.


  • Mike says:

    When Queen Elizabeth dies, the monarchy should be abolished. I saw her coronation on television and I saw her once when I was in the U.S. Army. She’s the last of the best of the British breed.

  • Annabel says:

    There wasn’t room for Princess Anne as they were all standing close to the wall. The Queen’s equerry should have moved further along to allow the Princess Royal to join them.

  • jerseybadger says:

    She will be missed when she is gone.Then the royal family will sink , especially with people like Meghan Markle in it

  • Big Montana says:

    The Royals are trying hard to keep their satanic beliefs hidden from the public, so try not to attract any attention.

    • RASH says:

      Satanic??? Please, Big Montana, post a link to any proof you have for such a ridiculous claim??? Not some BS opinion hit piece, ,…. no, ….. PROOF?????

  • LST says:

    Those people are about as “royal” as my balls are.

  • wanda says:

    Come on! We already know that the Royal family is up to the eyeballs in the club of elitist and has been for centuries. Yes the Queen is the last of dignity ruling the Crown. But still sat still while the EU and insiders let the British commoner’s (hard working people) to be burglarized and children be groomed for the pedofile’s in high places. Total raping of Britain by elitist of Belgium, France, Germany and the Vatican. Let the dark matter in Europe say what they will, but history has proven who has stood tall to save their butts and if they want to digress back into their holes, so be it.

  • PT says:

    Looked to me like she was letting Anne and the others know they could come in to the room.

  • CF