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Prince William has been appointed to a new royal position by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, Kensington Palace announced on Saturday.

“The Queen has appointed Prince William as Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the @churchscotland this year,” the palace said in a statement.

Prince William will hold the new position for one year. It will not have any effect on his current royal title as the Duke of Cambridge.

According to Kensington Palace, the Lord High Commissioner is responsible for attending the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland “as an observer,” in addition to the other responsibilities.

“The Lord High Commissioner makes opening and closing addresses to the General Assembly and reports to Her Majesty on its proceedings. For the duration of the General Assembly, the Sovereign grants the Lord High Commissioner permission to reside at the Palace of Holyroodhouse and, during this time, His or Her Grace receives a Guard of Honour, a 21-Gun Salute and the keys to the City of Edinburgh,” the statement explains. “It is also customary for the Lord High Commissioner to invite distinguished guests to stay at the Palace, and to offer hospitality to Commissioners to the Assembly and those who have contributed to public life in Scotland.”

The statement furthers: “During the week of the Assembly, the Lord High Commissioner attends the Assembly to observe the debates. He or she also carries out a program of engagements to reflect the work of charities and the Church.”

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  • LST says:

    I’ll sleep better knowing this. It’s so thrilling I could just puke.

  • Dan the Man says:

    So, he will be flying back an forth generating carbon effects that the Left will absolutely love to hear about… We all know his wife, Meghan Markel, is a part of the liberal hollywood community…..

  • dusty says:

    Super for William. Can hardly wait for him to be King. He is cut from his grandmothers cloth and will be much like she has been for years. Sad to see his brother has taken the road he now on moving away. We all have our own lives to live and hope that this decision is what makes Harry happy not so sure.

  • CF