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Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) hammered U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland on Wednesday during Democrats’ impeachment inquiry hearing on the House Intelligence Committee. Hill got Sondland to admit that “no one on this planet” told him that financial assistance to Ukraine was connected to any investigations.

“After you testified, Chairman [Adam] Schiff ran out and gave a press conference and said he gets to impeach the president of the United States because of your testimony and if you pull up CNN today, right now, their banner says ‘Sondland ties Trump to withholding aid,’” Turner said. “Is that your testimony today, Ambassador Sondland? That you have evidence that Donald Trump tied the investigations to the aid? Because I don’t think you’re saying that.”

“I’ve said repeatedly Congressman, I was presuming,” Sondland replied.

“So, no one told you?” Turner fired back. “Giuliani didn’t tell you? Mulvaney didn’t tell you? Pompeo didn’t tell you? Nobody else on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying aid to these investigations, is that correct?”

“I think I already testified,” Sondland responded.

“No, answer the question,” Turner shot back. “Is it correct? No one on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying aid to the investigations? Because if your answer is ‘yes,’ then the chairman is wrong and the headline on CNN is wrong.”

As the exchange was taking place, the chyron on CNN stated: “SONDLAND: ‘YES’ THERE WAS QUID PRO QUO IN UKRAINE SCANDAL.”

“No one on this planet told you that President Trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no?”

“Yes,” Sondland responded.

“So, you really have no testimony today that ties President Trump to a scheme to withhold aid from Ukraine in exchange for these investigations?” Turner pressed.

“Other than my own presumption,” Sondland replied.

“Which is nothing,” Turner fired back.


Earlier in the hearing, Sondland told Chairman Adam Schiff: “I finally called the president, I believe it was on the 9th of September, I can’t find the records and [the State Department] won’t provide them to me, but I believe I just asked him an open-ended question, Mr. Chairman.”

Sondland told Schiff that he asked Trump: “What do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories and this and that. What do you want?”

“It was a very short abrupt conversation, he was not in a good mood, and he just said, ‘I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing,’ something to that effect,” Sondland continued. “So I typed out a text to Ambassador Taylor and my reason for telling him this was not to defend what the president was saying, not to opine on whether the president was being truthful or untruthful, but simply to relay I’ve gone as far as I can go. This is the final word that I heard from the president of the United States.”

  • Gerry says:

    Extraordinary job today Rep. Turner — Great Job !!!! Kudos also go to Nunes,Jordon and others who absolutely shut this 3-ring circus of a so-called inquiry down. You did what I suggested and shoved that gavel down schiff-for-brains throat, now the only thing left is to put him where I suggested. Again GREAT JOB !!!!!!!

  • After countless hours in the basement interviewing dozens of “witnesses” plus the 8 witnesses and over 35 hours in this open impeachment inquiry hearing NOT one witness can testify that President said to withhold the money until the Ukraine president did or said something, NOT ONE!!! That is what these hearings are all about!~ I’m sure that the democrats have gone thru their top witnesses at this date and have lost all momentum with WE THE PEOPLE! Stop this charade NOW and get back to doing what you members of congress have been elected to do and that is DO some work for the American people! There is a good chance that the democrats will not get sufficient votes in their democratic controlled congress to impeach this president! Another FAKE NEWS HOAX!!!

  • Evangeline King says:

    Disgusting circus spectacle I refuse to watch.

  • taterr says:

    If weve ever seen corruption ,it was all day yesterday. Shiffer the PEKERHEAD and other Dems heads need to ROLL. This Coup thats goin on, in any other country the pertisapants would be PUT AGAINST a WALL. The MEDIA which we thought we could TRUST has been SHOT TO HELL. They are on a FOREVER WITCH HUNT. An by watching the CLOWN SHOW ( As far as I could stand) last night. Folks if we vote in a DEMOCRAT The Country is QUOTE DONE. Your FREEDOMS not counting your SAVINGS are HISTORY. Gabby Hit the nail on the head The Democratic party is basically NUTSO. At one time there were fine people in the Party. An from my understanding there is a movement in the Party to shut Down the Bigwheels. Kinda a coup within a Coup. Let us Pray WE THE PEOPLES President can weather this CRAZY Storm that incircles him an his family. Not counting the voters who are getting tired of this BS against him.

    enough said

    TRUMP 2020 2024

  • Big Montana says:

    Man, these dems are stupid! The great Republicans are exposing the deep state dems attempts to overthrow our country because their feelings are hurt.

  • Tim Woolsey says:

    But yet, the dumbass liberal asshats think the President did something wrong. They say things like “that’s not what I hear” & “you need to read between the lines”. What freaking lines are they talking about? All of them that have testified have said that POTUS did nothing wrong, yet these liberal asshats are still drilling & believing the whole impeachment bullshit! SMDH

  • CF