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More than 43,000 people who tested positive in China for coronavirus by the end of February were not included in the nation’s official tally of confirmed cases, according to a report Sunday.

The figure represents so-called silent carriers, people who tested positive for the virus but showed no symptoms, according to Chinese government data obtained by the South China Morning Post.

The asymptomatic individuals were placed in quarantine and were monitored by authorities, but they were not added to China’s official tally of confirmed coronavirus cases, the SCMP reported.

China’s failure to report asymptomatic coronavirus cases in its official tally goes against the World Health Organization’s guidance that anyone who tests positive for the virus should be counted as a confirmed case regardless of his or her symptoms.

While the WHO has said asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus is “extremely rare,” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported instances of asymptomatic individuals spreading the virus.

“Some spread might be possible before people show symptoms,” the CDC stated. “[B]ut this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.”

And a joint study by a panel of experts in China, the United States, Britain and Hong Kong in January estimated that upward of 79 percent of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wuhan were spread by individuals showing mild or no symptoms.

“These undocumented infections often experience mild, limited, or no symptoms and hence go unrecognized, and, depending on their contagiousness and numbers, can expose a far greater portion of the population to the virus than would otherwise occur,” the panel reported.

The WHO did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment on China’s failure to report asymptomatic coronavirus cases.

China’s handling of coronavirus at the onset of the outbreak has come under intense scrutiny.

In early January, Chinese authorities reprimanded the first doctor in Wuhan to warn people about the virus, accusing him of “spreading rumors online” and “severely disrupting social order.”

The doctor, 34-year-old Li Wenliang, was forced to sign a statement apologizing for blowing the whistle on the virus. Li died from coronavirus in February.

Five million people fled Wuhan by the time Chinese authorities locked down what was then the epicenter of the virus on Jan. 23, enabling the virus to spread around the world at a remarkable pace.

As of early Monday afternoon, there were 347,457 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 16,113 deaths worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins.

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  • LST says:

    China is like the Clinton scum, unable to tell the t truth about anything.

  • Michael says:

    Of course they hid it! They did created this shit and they did it on purpose! This was retaliation, because President Trump placed all those tariffs on them, striking a massive blow to their economy, and forcing them to come to the table and negotiate fairer trade deals. Now they’re angry that they can’t just take advantage of the U.S. any more, so this is their revenge. And don’t be surprised if we eventually find out that the Deep State was in on it with them. And before anyone says, “Oh, they wouldn’t do that” yes they would! These people, as well as the Chinese government, don’t give a shit about anyone other than themselves and how much power they can gain. They know Trump stands in their way, and will do anything to get rid of him. Their past efforts have all failed and this is a last ditch effort to remove him from office. They don’t care what it costs the American people or anyone else, because we are nothing more than collateral damage to them. But that doesn’t matter. This too will fail, like all their other attempts, and it will only end up helping the president be re-elected. The president is one of God’s chosen, so they will never succeed in defeating him. God bless him and God bless us all!

  • Stephen Russell says:

    China Lied Its People died by 43K & add number to count China gave US & then rethink US actions on CV19
    Thanks China for screwing up more

  • FoolIggy says:

    Like America’s demoncrats, China NEVER tells the truth but only works to ‘control the outcome.’

    The Chinese have learned from the best “slight of hand” America has to offer in people like schunmer, peloshit, waterless, and other like mental disorders.

    Watching these same people hold American’s hostage with their greed, graft, and corruption shows these CRIMINALS are out for all they can get while they can get it!

    That is how the Chinese power brokers work while their country suffers in silence, otherwise never to be heard from again!

  • CF