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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to take thousands of recovering and potentially infectious coronavirus patients from hospitals.

Between March 25 and May 10, the Democratic governor pushed an estimated 4,300 hospital patients diagnosed with Covid-19 into nursing homes with some of the most vulnerable targets of the coronavirus, according to a review of hospital data by the Associated Press. The New York state government has withheld releasing its own review of the data.

When told of the AP count, the New York Health Department said it “can’t comment on data we haven’t had a chance to review, particularly while we’re still validating our own comprehensive survey of nursing homes admission and re-admission data in the middle of responding to this global pandemic.”

Cuomo has faced a torrent of criticism over the orders that caused coronavirus positive patients to be placed in nursing homes. That decision led to a mounting death toll among New York’s long-term care facilities, especially around New York City.

“The state has failed to protect the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community,” Democratic assemblyman Ron Kim told The Wall Street Journal. “The fact we maintained and pushed Covid-positive patients into facilities that were not equipped to handle them, it was a fatal error.”

Since rescinding the order, Cuomo has attempted to distance himself from the death toll in New York’s nursing homes while previous decisions by his administration have concealed the true extent of the pandemic inside the state’s nursing homes.

New York officials have acknowledged that a subtle reporting change the administration made in late April has caused the state to undercount Covid-19 deaths in long-term care facilities. The rule change omitted nursing home residents who died outside of their facility from being counted as a long-term facility death. So, for example, any nursing home resident who died in a hospital is not counted in New York’s tracker.

New York’s nursing home death count “currently does not include out of facility deaths,” New York Health Department spokeswoman Jill Montag told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Deaths of nursing home and adult care facility residents that occurred at hospitals is accounted for in the overall fatality data on our COVID-19 tracker.”

In late March and under pressure from the nursing home industry, Cuomo aids inserted a provision in the state’s budget that blocked people from suing facilities such as nursing homes for negligence regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor has attempted to justify and rationalize his decision in recent press conferences over the state’s battle against the coronavirus.

“As a government, we are doing everything that we can,” Cuomo said on Tuesday. “We’re doing more testing than any other state. We’ve been more aggressive than any state in nursing home precautions. We have been smart. New Yorkers have been smart. The government has been smart and that should be respected.”

  • Lm says:

    Are people blind? Now they don’t have to pay their social security, pensions, or medicare, and the elderly tend to have conservative mindsets and values. They were exterminated Equal to the ” showers” in Nazi Germany. He should be charged with murder. They need the resources and votes for and from non-citizens. They want to eliminate any threat to their agenda. Pure evil

  • wanda says:

    It is Cuomo who has blood on his hands, but if people think he cares they are wrong. Just like a good little puppet blame Trump. Talk about a crime family and Does NY really like him or do they also like the puppetier behind them.

  • Gerry says:

    The NY health dept, hospitals and any other organization will change, alter, delete. redact — whatever cuomo wants them to do so that he doesn’t look bad. I’m still trying to find out if in fact cuomo moved his mother out of a nursing home just before he gave the order to move infected people into them. If so — i think that is premeditated murder because I believe him and his staff knew what the results would be. There should be a proper investigation into this but that is fantasy land.

  • Tellitha says:

    Why are they not reporting that PA and CA are doing the same thing that NY did?

    • Vir says:

      Who is honest enough to report this ?? Not the big news outlets! We are the only ones, the people alert enough to pay attention and to continue to pass this on. Here is what we are up against—-one woman said “ oh Cuomo is so handsome “ The other person said but he caused nursing home people to die. They were going to die anyway. That’s exactly what Cuomo said People are stupid period. !

  • mike says:

    Dr. Levine and Governor Wolf did the same thing in PA. 68% of our deaths have come in nursing homes. The lawsuits will be abundant over the next few years. We let criminals out of prison because they might get infected and put infected people into nursing homes but won’t let the regular patients leave. And they have died. Shame on these people.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    4,300 lawsuits pending, Chap 7 NY??
    Good job Cuomo

  • Rick says:

    I Am trying to understand why they put them in a nursing home and then let out prisoners…

    • Vir says:

      Good question. Ask the racketeer Cuomo. It’s about the money. Sign abortion bill – abortion up until date of birth. – Save money Let prisoners OUT OF JAIL. – Save money- push ill patients into nursing homes – save money. Don’t take care of them in other facilities ( cost too much) This is the best one – nurses and doctors VOLUNTEER to go to NYC to help out. ( get awful jobs helping) finally go home and get their tax bill from NYC. Hey, thanks for coming to help !! Cuomo is a racketeer.scum with blood on his hands!

  • CF