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Hunter Biden, 49, is about to become a father for the fifth time, according to an exclusive report from the Daily Mail.

The outlet published photos and a video of Biden’s new bride, Melissa Cohen Biden, with a visible baby bump, and reported that a “source” close to Mrs. Biden confirmed the couple’s news.

Melissa Biden, 33 — who married the son of Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden in May — was spotted in Los Angeles on Thursday and is reportedly well into the second trimester of her pregnancy,

The source who purportedly confirmed that the couple is expecting told The Mail that while Melissa and Hunter are “thrilled,” they are also experiencing stress and anxiety with the spotlight Hunter is currently under.

The Mail’s report comes less than a month after a DNA test confirmed that Hunter Biden is the father of a 16-month-old child, whose mother is a 28-year-old former Washington, D.C., stripper with whom he had an affair while still allegedly dating his brother’s widow.

Biden is currently being sued for child support by the toddler’s mother, Lunden Roberts.

As part of the lawsuit, Roberts is demanding Biden disclose the income he received from Ukrainian gas firm Burisma. Biden’s position on the board of the company has come under intense scrutiny, after it was revealed that he landed the lucrative gig without any apparent qualifications while his father was vice president of the United States and the point-man for Ukraine.

Burisma has been under investigation for corruption for years, raising further questions about the Obama administration’s meetings with the company’s representatives and whether the conflict of interest with the Bidens played any role.

House Democrats passed articles of impeachment against President Trump claiming the president withheld aide to Ukraine in exchange for further investigation into the Bidens’ dealings in the country. President Trump has repeatedly insisted there was no such quid pro quo.

Hunter Biden has three older children with his first wife, Kathleen, to whom he was married for 24 years prior to their divorce in 2017.

  • MJ says:

    This is someone that has never and will never learn from his mistakes. He believes because his Daddy was a longtime corrupt politician, that he can get by with everything. He could care less who he hurts! He is a disgraceful human being!

  • Sharon says:

    How can any woman with a brain sleep with such a dirt bag?

  • Matt says:

    Some crackhead friend probably told him: “Hunter, dude! If you get married again and get your wife pregnant, then the court can’t get you to give one red cent in child support to the other child.”

    I think the judge will tell Hunter a different thing.

  • Sandra Cloud says:

    Sick puppy…..sorry, did not mean to insult puppies.

  • CF