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Republican California Rep. Paul Cook said Tuesday that he will not be seeking reelection and will instead run for his county supervisor seat.

Cook was elected to Congress in 2012 and is currently in his fourth term. He will reportedly announce his campaign to represent the 1st District of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, according to The Los Angeles Times. Cook served as Mayor of Yucca Valley and in the state legislature before being elected to Congress. He also served as an infantry officer in the Marines.

This all comes as a number of other Republican lawmakers in the House have announced they will not be seeking reelection. Cook is now the 18th House Republican Representative to announce they will not seek re-election in 2020. Cook serves on the House Committee on Armed Services and House Committee on Natural Resources.

Texas Rep. Bill Flores said Wednesday he will not seek reelection next year for a sixth term in Congress, making him the fifth Texas Republican to announce retirement this election cycle.

Republican Texas Rep. Kenny Marchant announced in late August that he will not seek reelection, making him the fourth federal Republican congressman from the state to retire in the last few weeks.

Marchant’s retirement came as three other Texas Republican representatives, including Will Hurd, Mike Conaway, and Pete Olson, also recently announced they will not be seeking reelection.

Hurd, the only black Republican in the House of Representatives, said he will not seek reelection in late August, saying he plans to “serve my country in a different way.”

Cook’s office did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller when asked about the news.

  • Patty says:

    Some of the RINO Repub swamp rats fleeing also? before they have to face Scrutiny from the Libs in 2020?

  • Michael Groves says:

    First of all something is rotten in Denmark with all these ass sniffing Republicans stepping down. They know dam well the Republicans need to get the house back. If the Good Old Boy Network in Washington (which these POS are part of), can’t get President Trump one way. They’ll all jump ship. Just a bunch of good for nothing despicable disposable POS. From this point on, when these POS are seen in public? They should all get a kick in the nuts. Look at this dick from California. What good has he been? A total waste of a expensive suit, and air. Can you remember one thing he has done besides corn hold some Democrat? Not to mention take up a chair in Congress.

  • Eleanor says:

    Good – maybe we can get some TRUE, LOYAL AMERICAN republicans in now.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    RINO dumping or Dem blackmail or both?
    If legit Republicans , we lose, if RINOs we win,

  • demsarekillingtheusa says:

    More RINOS jumping ship…. Maybe this is a good thing? Maybe they are afraid of what these desperate Democrats will find in their closets to use against them. We all know now that the dems will stoop to all new lows to get their way and these Rats must have some preety deep, dark stuff in their past’s to scare them from going for re election. Especially all the ones in Texas! they had better hope that who ever runs in their place in the GOP has no weird, crazy or illegal stuff in their past or anything that the dems can try to use against them.

  • CF