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A former NYPD detective says a woman punched him in the face in Nashville over the weekend because his hat looked like a MAGA cap.

Staten Island resident Daniel Sprague told the Post he was celebrating his 50th birthday with his wife and friends at The Stage on Broadway on Friday when he was assaulted by a woman he didn’t know.

“I was outside with my friends when some grabbed me from behind, spun me around and punched me in the face,” said Sprague, who retired from the NYPD in 2009.

“At first I thought it was a friend until I got hit. I couldn’t believe someone could get that upset.”

In reality, his cap was emblazoned with the words “Make Fifty Great Again” — while his shirt was decorated with an American flag that read “Making America Great Since 1970.”

The bar’s bouncers booted them both from the property before he had a chance to call cops, but he filed a report the following day, he said.

“All night people were giving me thumbs up, smiles or some showing rage, until they walked up close and saw what hat said,” he recalled. “Then they would wish me a happy birthday.”

He was baffled by the vitriol and said he showed respect for politicians he didn’t like.

“I love Trump, but I wouldn’t hit someone who had a Bernie hat on,” said Sprague, who spent more than two decades on the NYPD and retired as a member of the elite Emergency Service Unit.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I wasn’t an Obama fan but if he walked into a place where I was, I would show him and the office respect.”

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department confirmed that they took a report on the incident.

“Suspect grabbed his hat from his head and punched him in the face,” according to the report. “He stated that when the suspect hit him in the face, he did not hit her back.”

Sprague recounted the incident on Facebook and said that he was waiting to hear back from detectives.

He also instructed readers not to react to negative comments on the post, because it might be one of his friends “breaking my chops because we have a great relationship and sense of humor.

“If it happens to be a fool or misguided snow flake’s comment, by arguing with them it will only encourage them to believe they know what they are talking about,” he wrote.

  • Boxkicker Pro says:

    That woman does not need or want any help. She is infested with TDS and her hate fills her whole being, past her blackened heart on up to her deranged Democratic, Liberal Bernie brain. She shouldn’t be too hard to identify. She is the epitome of America’s worst nightmare.

  • Carl says:

    The democrats will always resort to violence.

  • Fran says:

    Democrats are barbaric violence people.

  • Richard Young says:

    DemocRATS….The party of hatred and violence. I would have loved to clobber that woman HARD in the face. “I would have loved to”.

  • Gerald Cline says:

    The current escalating violence against Trump supporters gives me flashbacks to the seventies and early eighties when the same self-righteous, morally outraged progressives of that day (members of the antiwar movement) thought they were so morally superior that it was socially acceptable to spit on Vietnam Vets and shout “baby-killer” in our face. Things are getting out of hand, and I fear the violence is going to escalate as it become more and more obvious Donald Trump is going to win by a landslide in November…!?!?!

  • Michael says:

    “He stated that when the suspect hit him in the face, he did not hit her back.” He absolutely should have. If she expects to be treated like a woman, let her act like one. Any bitch punches me in the face, they’re going down and going down hard! Don’t think you’re gonna do something like that and get away with it simply because you’re a female. Fuck that! Keep your fucking hands to yourself!

    • Gayle says:

      Any so called woman that does something like that deserves to get smacked back! No real lady would do something so violent unless they were themselves being attacked.

  • Doug says:

    This is shitty, that a man can’t wear a red cap without some triggered bitch assaulting him.
    That being said, I regularly wear an ACTUAL MAGA cap, no one’s ever assaulted me (‘course, that I’m 6’ 4″ and every bit of 300 lbs. helps I suppose).
    Guess I’ll just keep wearing one of my several MAGA caps in hopes that I get the chance to try out the hand to hand I learned in the NAVY.

  • CF